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4 technologies that will define restaurants in 2023

Tech Check: This is the stuff that will transform bottom lines, supercharge loyalty programs and start the next viral food trend.

Emerging Brands

C3 turns an online sausage shop into a virtual restaurant

Snap-O-Razzo gained a cult following selling hot dogs online. The digital restaurant company wants to take it further.

The startup turns customers’ food photos into food donations. It says the feel-good transaction makes guests more loyal.

The chain dropped its Original Chicken Crispers as it works to simplify operations. The more popular Crispy variety is still available.

A new bill would allow restaurants to pay more than the current limit for things like marketing and promotions. Grubhub has aired its support for the proposal.

It’s the data firm’s 12th acquisition since 2016 and adds another service to its group of procurement and data products.

Robots, ghost kitchens and the metaverse made headlines in a turbulent year for tech companies.

The company founded by former operators offers invoice processing, inventory management and other managerial tools.

Lousignont has been with Brinker International since 2014. It's the latest leadership change under new CEO Kevin Hochman.

The parent of Applebee’s and IHOP wants to supercharge the concept’s growth without changing what has worked so far at the 138-unit taco chain.

The city accused the delivery company of listing local restaurants without their permission and violating a 15% delivery fee cap. More than $5 million of the settlement will go to restaurants.

CEO Jim Hyatt is out, along with longtime culinary chief Brian Sullivan and two others. Board member Jeff Warne was named CEO and president.

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