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Trend or fad? These restaurant currents could go either way

Reality Check: A number of ripples were evident in the business during the first half of the year. The question is, do they have staying power?


Starbucks' value offer is a bad idea

The Bottom Line: It’s not entirely clear that price is the reason Starbucks is losing traffic. If it isn’t, the company’s new value offer could backfire.

Operators say most of them aren't making money and want a break on their royalties. But they also complain about receiving expired cheese from closed stores. "Don't send us moldy product."

The Bottom Line: Limited-service restaurants have not cut jobs in California, despite the $20 fast-food wage. But that doesn't mean it hasn't had an impact.

Tech Check: As catering booms, more tech companies are offering restaurants the tools to do it themselves.

Behind the Menu: VP of Culinary Shannon Johnson introduced hand breading, a larger chicken breast and craveable flavor profiles to elevate the platform.

The Bottom Line: How has the makeup of the Top 500 restaurant chains changed over the past five years? Hint: They're a lot more fast casual, and a lot less full service.

Three partners and a small group of employees are determined to keep the 50-year-old beachfront restaurant alive, risking everything with the hope of making history.

Tech Check: Retail trends are often a preview of what's to come for restaurants, but that may not be the case here.

Data and reporting are top priorities, while AI is an afterthought, according to new research from Olive Technologies.

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