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Delivery continues to defy expectations, for now

Tech Check: Despite inflation, sales increased at the big providers and at many restaurants. It's starting to look unstoppable, but some red flags remain.


In their search for labor, restaurants turn to ex-offenders

A new program works to ease the industry's labor problem, and lighten a societal problem, by getting people who've run afoul of the law into restaurant jobs. Operators praise the results.

The Bottom Line: Companies like Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Papa John’s may be in a good position to gain share if the economy does hit a recession. History suggests they’re right.

The Bottom Line: The world’s biggest restaurant chain and the world’s biggest pizza chain are increasingly going head-to-head for budget consumers.

The Bottom Line: The fast-casual chain generates nearly $5 million in sales per unit selling chicken fingers. But that’s not the most impressive thing about it.

The pizza buffet chain has taken ownership of its in-restaurant arcades and expanded them. The result has been a game-changer for a company that was in bankruptcy just two years ago.

Rising costs and demands for greener operations has more companies looking at cutting out waste. And there are more potential solutions than ever.

Restaurants are adding surcharges and ingredient replacements as the price of romaine lettuce triples. But the salad days are not over. There is hope of relief ahead.

The Bottom Line: The grill-maker Weber received a buyout offer just one year after its initial public offering. Could the same thing happen with newly public restaurants?

"We were being greedy" before the pandemic, says the chef-owner of Southern Belle in Atlanta. Reworking the model has resulted in a happier, healthier and more stable workforce.

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