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How Nimbus is succeeding where ghost kitchens failed

The shared-kitchen startup has limited its focus to providing kitchen space for a variety of food businesses, leaving the technology to others. The simplified approach has yielded profits and growth.


In the Benihana deal, a sign of the restaurant M&A times

The Bottom Line: The venerable Japanese steakhouse chain fetched a modest multiple in its sale to The One Group. But that’s where values have fallen these days.

The Bottom Line: Krispy Kreme gets a massive win with its McDonald's doughnut deal. But the payoff is less certain, and a long way off, for the fast-food restaurant chain.

Reality Check: Well-intentioned efforts like bail reform may not be delivering what proponents envisioned. It's not reactionary to fix the fix.

Tech Check: As the industry gets more high-tech, crashes and cyberattacks will become more common. Restaurants should be taking steps to manage their risks.

Reality Check: The union behind California's $20 fast-food wage is now pushing Waffle House for a $25 pay floor and a change in its employee meal policies. But all restaurant employers should be concerned.

The Bottom Line: Growth that came so easy to pizza delivery chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns is now much harder to come by. And now two of them are looking for new leadership.

The Bottom Line: The fast-casual burger chain chain lured one of the restaurant industry’s up-and-coming chief executives with $7.3 million in signing bonuses and stock awards.

The Bottom Line: The fast-food sandwich chain's new beverage contract is aimed at breathing life into its drink sales as consumers order fewer sodas with their subs at its restaurants.

The Bottom Line: Restaurant brands want traffic. Franchisees want profitability. The current operating environment is making that a tough choice and the result has increased tension at many franchises.

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