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Podcast transcript: Puttshack CEO Joe Vrankin

A Deeper Dive: The chief executive of the minigolf-centric restaurant chain discusses how the chain focuses on higher-quality games and food.


A tale of two Subway competitors

The Bottom Line: As thriving fast-food sandwich chain Jersey Mike’s ponders a potential $8 billion sale, it’s worth comparing the brand to a long-vanquished rival: Quiznos. The difference is unit economics.

In the transcript of this week's Restaurant Rewind podcast, read about one of the most colorful characters ever to influence the business.

The Bottom Line: McDonald’s purchase of its Israeli market, following Burger King’s acquisition of Carrols, shows brands are more willing now to take over some restaurants.

Behind the Menu: The family-dining chain introduced the new format at the start of Lent and the wild cod items quickly became best-sellers.

Operators complain of frequent fraud and a cumbersome process for getting their money back from delivery providers. “They make nothing simple for you.”

The Bottom Line: Customers are opting to stay home rather than dine out. With costs still elevated, brands will have to think differently to get them back.

The Bottom Line: The two fast-food chains are increasingly going head-to-head over chicken sandwiches and chicken wings.

Squeeze In is known for omelets, generously boozy brunch cocktails and a joyfully wacky community vibe. Here's how the two sisters who own the brand plan to reach 100 units within a decade.

The Bottom Line: It’s not certain yet how the $20 wage will impact chain restaurants. But one thing is clear: Most of the companies affected are small businesses that are already facing profit challenges.

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