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Customers really don’t like QR code menus

Tech Check: Guests say they cramp the experience and feel like a chore, according to Technomic. They might have to get used to it.


Wall Street investors hit restaurants hard

The Bottom Line: The average stock has lost 46% of its value since its 52-week high, far worse than the broader markets. Investors have reset industry valuations in the process.

Think you’re current on the industry’s latest lingo? Prove it by taking our pop quiz on the terms currently working their way into vogue.

The 45-year-old food-and-games chain is remodeling all of its 470 locations to cater to tech-savvy Gen Alpha kids and their always-on-the-clock parents, to the tune of more than a half million dollars per store.

The Bottom Line: Its share of the market for limited-service sandwiches continued to decline last year. Here’s a look at who is taking that business.

With employees going back to the workplace and social gatherings on the rise, operators are renewing their focus on catering.

The Bottom Line: The country’s ‘zero-COVID’ policy is not expected to end anytime soon. That’s not stopping major chains from building a lot of restaurants there.

Reality Check: Management is worried the focus on employees will temper the importance of patrons. It may not be giving the workers enough credit.

The Bottom Line: Looking at three years’ worth of same-store sales suggests the industry has recovered. But all of it is coming from price, suggesting chains are still losing customers.

The Bottom Line: An economic downturn appears likely, which sent stocks tumbling again on Monday. We can find clues about potential winners and losers from the Great Recession.

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