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Burger King borrows preps from fine dining to innovate the menu

The burger chain’s new culinary focus reflects head chef Chad Brauze’s experience and passion gained in Michelin-starred restaurants.


A tweet comes between Grubhub and McDonald's franchisees

The Bottom Line: The fast-food burger chain’s former top U.S. corporate relations officer said, “cry me a river” in a now-deleted tweet about McDonald’s franchisees. It didn’t go over well, either with them or his new employer, Grubhub.

The Bottom Line: Robert Zarco, who now works with McDonald's franchisees, argues that a potential redefinition of the joint employer standard could reduce the level of control franchisors exert over operators.

The Bottom Line: Franchisees in particular jumped at the chance to scoop up restaurants in 2021, often paying sky-high multiples in the process. And then inflation hit.

A reusable container program in Ann Arbor, Mich., looks to address key questions for restaurants and consumers. But in a world "built for single-use," the effort faces an uphill battle.

Helbiz has plans to grow several restaurant brands out of Kitchen United outlets in Los Angeles, Austin and New York City.

Tech Check: The classic boom-bust tale began with a virus and ended with a bank run. But the bigger story is far from over.

The Shannon Rose has turned the annual dyed-beer fest into a month-long promotional opportunity that keeps the green coming all year.

The bank's collapse on Friday made for a panicked weekend for many startups, some of which feared they'd be unable to pay staff this week. Government action ended the crisis, but there could be longer-term consequences.

Fast-food restaurants are not advertising the type of mass discounts that marked past downturns. Instead, they’re flooding apps with deals. And franchisees have started to push back.

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