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Restaurant Business is the leading media brand in the commercial foodservice industry, with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and growth. Built as a resource for the growth-minded restaurateur, we deliver the insights and know-how to help entrepreneurs grow their business and increase their profits, including trends, new concepts, changes in consumer tastes, new purchasing strategies and peers’ best practices.

Our editors track ideas and trends as they develop within key channel segments including high-volume independents, multiunit operators, emerging chains and the top 100 chains, plus their top franchisees.

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What's Trending

Restaurant Business collects the top stories featured in Restaurant Business Daily and highlights them in this entirely new eNewsletter, delivered on Sunday.

Restaurant Business Daily

A true business intelligence tool helping operators become more efficient and profitable, Restaurant Business Daily eNewsletter gives restaurateurs tips and tools from RestaurantBusinessOnline.com's most recent postings and from around the web.

RB Alerts

Breaking news delivered right to your inbox, the moment it happens. This special alert from Restaurant Business helps readers keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry.

The Bottom Line

Restaurant Business Executive Editor Jonathan Maze gives his weekly take on financial news in the restaurant business, including mergers and acquisitions, franchising, sales and traffic data, and the impact of technology on profits.

Recipe Report

Recipe Report showcases supplier-based recipes focused on trends and designed to stimulate menu ideas within foodservice operations.

On The Menu

On The Menu is a weekly menu-focused eNewsletter and includes news and data provided by Technomic, trend articles and other menu-related features.