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Initiatives to kill the tip credit advance despite Ohio's 'goat rodeo of a campaign'

Government Watch: For restaurants, not all the election drama is centered on whether Biden stays in the race, and not all the mud is being slung by the presidential candidates.


Servers don't want to lose the tip credit, new research shows

A survey of nearly 4,000 tipped restaurant workers found 9 of 10 prefer the current setup to getting a higher wage.

Legislation proposed to the City Council on Tuesday would require employers to provide additional training, more paid time off and advance shift scheduling.

Government Watch: The exemption for salaried workers is narrowed to employees earning less than $43,888 a year. Also, DOL pushes for a paid-leave model, and foie gras remains legal in NYC.

The percentage of employees who failed tests for marijuana consumption spiked particularly sharply, according to the Quest Diagnostics testing service.

Reality Check: What's the true effect of California's new fast-food wage? Depends on whose numbers you believe.

The state Senate passed a bill that exempts the industry from an anti-surcharge law that takes effect Monday. Gov. Newsom is expected to sign it.

Kitchens would need to be cooled down whenever the temperature hits 87 degrees. Breaks, "cool-down areas" and water would also have to be provided.

Working Lunch: The effort may be more of a feint, but it's a visible test of the pro-labor party's true commitment to boosting worker incomes.

The bill has the support of usual employer advocates like the National Restaurant Association.

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