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OSHA officially shelves Biden's employee vaccine mandate

The emergency requirement was technically downgraded into a proposed rule, meaning it still could be adopted, but only through the usual prolonged process.


Starbucks opts not to require worker vaccinations

The coffee giant, which earlier announced plans to require vaccines or tests, is now encouraging inoculation after the Supreme Court killed the federal mandate.

Three more stores in Buffalo, N.Y., will vote at the end of the month on union representation. In all, organizing activities are underway in about 25 stores.

Reality Check: Units aren't using the sophisticated tech that's been installed to alleviate GM's personnel burdens.

Hours after the Supreme Court struck down a mandate that employees of large companies be vaccinated against COVID-19, the U.S. Department of Labor indicated it would urge companies to make the move on their own volition.

Reality Check: Sure, complying with Biden's mandate would have cost time, money and aggravation. But might the alternative be even worse?

The matter is still not dead because of pending deliberations at the circuit-court level, but the nation's highest court said it expects the requirement to be shot down.

The key staffers will get a three-week sabbatical every three years, part of a new benefits program at the gastropub chain.

While the U.S. Supreme Court deliberates, the state is mandating compliance, starting Feb. 24.

A second store has unionized, and a vote on organizing starts at a third on Friday.

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