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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


The Fast Act is already rippling beyond fast food

Working Lunch: Proposals in Massachusetts and Virginia are proof the wage-setting model called for by California's first-of-its-kind law is spreading geographically and across job types.


5 ways to meet the needs of modern employees

How operators can address the shifting workforce was a top topic at the National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers’ 2023 conference.

Restaurants and hotels led all economic segments in job creation during January, yet still came up about half a million jobs short of where their payrolls were pre-pandemic, according to new federal statistics.

Advice Guy: Many restaurants have a weekly all-hands deep clean, at least in the back of house, which I highly recommend.

In a win for restaurants, the state Court of Appeals essentially ensured that the status quo will persist after Feb. 19.

Advice Guy: For signs about employee handwashing and the like, bars and restaurants shouldn’t test the limits of health code compliance.

All expenses incurred by the employees and their families will be picked up by the chain.

The Fast Act is now officially on hold until a 2024 referendum is held. But the war is on to capture the public's sympathies. And in the middle of it is McDonald's U.S. president.

The newly introduced proposal would go further than the Fast Act in some respects, such as requiring instruction from what sounds like unions.

The staff of a store in Northern California has voted to be represented by the same union group that's been organizing Starbucks.

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