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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


White House offers to pick up some family leave charges

Restaurants and other small businesses would be reimbursed for paying workers who need time off to have their families vaccinated.


Much-criticized old definition of 'joint employer' is officially back

Reverting back to a looser standard is likely to expose more franchisors to litigation arising from franchisees' labor practices.

The fines and back pay extend back to the first day Chicago's law went into effect. The penalty is the largest ever assessed for violations of the city's labor laws.

The Restaurant Law Center teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce and the National Retail Federation to keep restaurants from being sued under the WARN Act.

The academic reports blame the high incidence of sexual harassment on restaurants to two long-standing traditions.

The chain called it one of the “biggest team member commitments” in its history as it fights for workers in a tight labor market.

Other unit-level managers will receive travel vouchers and other perks as their thank-you.

A new study shows that higher pay can only take the industry so far. The data indicate that employers might want to think about their working conditions instead.

Overall, gratuities rose by a hair, but not every sort of customer adjusted their tipping habits to the times.

On July 14, Shannon Meade of the National Restaurant Association and Sharon Rennert of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will address some of the biggest issues facing employers and employees as workplaces reopen.

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