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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


More restaurants turn unit design over to the people who have to live with it

Reality Check: No one knows the aggravations of working in a restaurant like the actual employees and their bosses. Here's a look at the growing trend of chains attempting to harness that know-how as a potent remedy for their labor problems.


Minimum wage expected to hit an all-time high in Southern California

West Hollywood is moving toward a pay floor of $17.64 an hour.

New government figures show eating, drinking and lodging places added 164,000 employees.

Here's a cheat sheet intended specifically for restaurants. The new rules go into effect on Jan. 4, though some elements will be in place on Dec. 5.

A small but growing number of operators are striving to make themselves a better place to work by offering a pathway to 100% ownership.

Restaurants and other large employers have until Jan. 4 to get their workers vaccinated. Employees who refuse will have to wear masks at work starting Dec. 5. The government says it's already looking to expand the scope to include smaller enterprises.

The rout by Republicans, particularly in states like New Jersey and Virginia, could signal a change in the tenor of state and local labor policies.

Study after study shows the requirements are hurting sales and ironically intensifying the physical dangers faced by employees, says RB's Reality Check. Fortunately, for every Cujo of a customer, there’s one more like a golden retriever puppy.

The drive-in chain intends to offer guests an option at all of its units to reward employees with a gratuity.

The NLRB ruled that a vote on organizing should be limited to a much smaller group of employees than the employer would have preferred, paring down the number of yea ballots that are needed.

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