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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Disney squares off with Florida Gov. DeSantis in a fight over 'Don't Say Gay'

The corporation says it'll work to overturn a pet law of the governor. He, in turn, warns that he may put a leash on the company.


Hiring slows for restaurants and bars, new stats show

Restaurants and bars added 61,300 jobs in March, down from about 94,000 in February, according to the BLS.

The appointment of David Weil as the Biden administration's wage and hour chief was blocked by a bipartisan vote.

Holders of those restaurant positions end up splitting with their spouses twice as often as their counterparts in other jobs.

A bill introduced in the House calls for the creation of three-year visas for targeted foreign workers.

Hospitality employees quit in greater numbers last month than they did in January, according to federal statistics.

Beantown is emerging as the new epicenter of baristas' organizing drive.

The burger giant has increased the percentages of women and people of color in leadership roles and noted that it has reached equal pay in its biggest markets.

In an interview with RB, the president of the SEIU shares her take on why unions are making headway in the restaurant industry.

10% of victims statewide are employed in the foodservice industry, according to health officials.

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