Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Noodles & Co. to add instant payment to its employee benefits

The fast-casual chain will also give workers access to a suite of “financial wellness” tools.


My company received a 226-J letter from the IRS. What now?

The National Restaurant Association presses Congress, IRS for solutions as more employers receive letters.

The city alleges Chipotle violated “nearly every aspect” of the law, which guarantees predictable schedules for quick-service employees.

Washington’s attorney general said the deal marks the 67th time a franchisor has agreed to drop a prohibition against intra-chain hiring.

Many young people prefer to bolster their resumes through community service or internships rather than earn spending money from a summer or weekend job. And hiring immigrants carries its own set of challenges.

The authorities say the hotel kitchen worker was upset about employment “issues.”

Letting it go unaddressed implicitly endorses the theft and damages the operation, Advice Guy says.

The SEIU wants McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King to be summoned to the negotiating table.

New Jersey stiffens penalties for employers, new overtime rules are percolating on several fronts, New Mexico operators fight paid sick leave in controversial fashion and Washington keeps up the pressure on anti-poaching policies.

Yes, but operators should take stock of the kind of side work they're expecting, Advice Guy says.

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