Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Culture as a competitive advantage

In an industry notorious for its turnover, crafting the right culture can attract top talent, while engaging your employees will encourage them to stay.


McDonald’s starts a push for gender balance

The company’s new strategy aims to improve gender equality in career advancement.

Salaried restaurant employees earning less than that amount would be entitled to time-and-a-half pay for hours exceeding 40 per week.

Restaurant advocates are arguing that more than doubling the lowest pay rate would backfire into a loss of jobs.

The call for two weeks of paid time off for virtually all hourly restaurant employees is drawing a spotlight.

One in six have seen their personnel costs spike by as much as 12%, according to new research.

A formal proposal is expected sometime this month.

Even the savviest employer may be startled by the insights that arose during a mind meld of HR specialists.

Fostering a connection with hourlies and managers can improve everything from kitchen safety to absenteeism and sales, new research shows.

Illinois and New Jersey are the latest states to set that pay floor, and others have proposals on the table.