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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Denny's new CEO airs her priorities

Included on Kelli Valade's list is a "doubling down" on workers' mental health benefits, as well as getting more units open 24/7.


Restaurants add 26K jobs in December

The industry accounted for roughly 1 of 9 jobs that were created during the month. The national unemployment rate dipped to 3.5%.

Advice Guy: While two weeks’ notice is a common professional courtesy in restaurants, your workers are likely at-will employees who can come and go as they please.

Some proprietors say they don't want the considerable strain of having a union shop. Others say it's just a coincidence. But labor says it's nothing more than spin-doctored union busting.

Last week's omnibus spending bill requires employers to pay for mothers' time expressing breast milk on the job, and to provide increased accommodations for pregnant workers.

Here are the dark clouds that could temper restaurants’ enthusiasm for a new year. Then again, the threats could drive them to harder partying.

A state court issued a temporary restraining order, pushing back implementation until a legal challenge can be heard starting Jan. 13.

Restaurant advocates have already filed a lawsuit to block the highly unusual move, which the action asserts is a clear violation of the state constitution.

The brand was one of several restaurant employers to be charged with workhour and safety infractions in recent days.

They're still furious over how they were treated at the pandemic's start, the research shows. The way to get them back is showing them proof that a repeat won't happen.

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