Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Unionization of restaurants could be faster and easier under a key regulatory change

A majority of employees no longer have to vote 'yea' in certain circumstances for the whole staff to become part of a union.


What’s the best way to change a tip-out policy?

Advice Guy: To make such changes thoughtfully, look at past data and model what the new program would look like for each position in the restaurant.

The watchdog agency says White "Hooters Girls" were hired before Black waitresses when a unit restaffed as the COVID crisis eased.

Advice Guy: It can be tough to predict how someone will perform on the job from an interview, but the more practical your questions are, the better.

The operators were accused of such infractions as changing schedules less than two weeks in advance, and not paying a bonus to workers who opened a restaurant after closing it the night before.

Restaurant Rewind: A proposal to require $30 an hour for some foodservice employees is already scheduled for consideration by Los Angeles County officials next month. Is it a fluke or an omen? The past provides some clues.

Working Lunch: Proponents of killing the tip credit through referendum were spared a tougher fight.

Advice Guy: Making a bad hiring decision doesn’t get you out of paying for training.

Reality Check: The much-hated labor group deserves credit for what it did this week. Wow, I actually did type that.

Take our spot quiz to find out how well you understand obligations that are technically already law.

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