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Georgia lawmaker wants to give restaurant franchisees more protection against franchisors

Working Lunch: The proposal is part of what's emerging as a wave of bills aiming to curb franchisors' power. That alone makes it worth tracking.


A labor powerhouse launches a fast-food workers' union in California

Backed by the deep-pocketed SEIU, the California Fast Food Workers Union aims to organize quick-service workers across brands. It will likely be the source of two members of the state's new wage-setting Fast Food Council.

An architect of the bill setting the new wage has proposed excusing quick-service restaurants in a number of locations, including casinos, sports arenas and state-owned beaches.

New efforts to kill the credit are arising in Illinois and Maryland, adding to the activity in four other states and on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Washington, D.C., are considering a measure to fix the results of losing the credit there.

Spoiler alert: It’s the shot at expanding the labor pool by thousands of prospective hires per day.

Franchisee Rice Enterprises, which declared bankruptcy last year, had employed a registered sex offender as a manager.

The famed chef voluntarily recognized a Unite Here chapter as the collective bargaining representative for employees of The Bazaar. He now has four unionized restaurants.

Employees of The Bazaar in Washington, D.C., have drafted a petition and asked for voluntary recognition of union representation. The famed chef has yet to respond.

A pilot program undertaken with the instructional institution C-CAP aims to steer the immigrants into foodservice jobs, starting with positions in New York City.

More than half the surveyed restaurateurs and club owners say they'd consider shutting down at least one of their operations. Nearly 9 of 10 contend it'd be a disaster.

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