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Seattle may walk back wage hike for delivery drivers

Drivers for third-party delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats say their earnings have plummeted since the $26.40 hourly minimum wage went into effect.


There's another big restaurant chain in organized labor's sights

Reality Check: The union behind California's $20 fast-food wage is now pushing Waffle House for a $25 pay floor and a change in its employee meal policies. But all restaurant employers should be concerned.

The 12% reduction compares with layoffs of 1.7% for limited-service places, according to federal data.

The five-figure bonuses are in addition to $5,000 in "life improvement" money and a paid month off for standout employees of the 70-unit family-dining chain.

New research shows that less than half expect a $20-an-hour pay floor to actually boost income.

With the changeover just days away, state officials have fleshed out what employers and their staffs should expect.

Salaried quick-service employees will be entitled to overtime if they make less than about $84,000 a year. And that's just one of the other surprises the bill is packing.

The newly formed California Fast Food Workers Union is already looking to raise the $20-an-hour minimum wage that takes effect April 1.

Reality Check: Conditions are aligning within the restaurant business for a leap in union activity. Yet apathy prevails.

Reality Check: In his State of the Union Address, the chief executive touched on several government actions that would change restaurateurs' world. But except for his comments on immigration, it was deja vu all over again.

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