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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Restaurants try ever-bigger lures to recruit and keep general managers

Double bonuses, airplane tickets, six-figure salaries and even their very own restaurant are just some of the perks the industry is offering to slow down turnover in the all-important GM post.


Legal challenges to Biden's vaccine mandate intensify

On one front, industry groups and state attorneys general are suing to block the measure. On another, unions are suing to expand the scope to smaller businesses. Other stakeholders say the situation is too fluid to halt preparations.

Reality Check: More quick-service restaurants are providing ways for guests to tip employees. Heck, even unions are suddenly for it.

The federal appeals court did not rule on the legality of the requirement, but called it "staggeringly overbroad."

The negotiations stretched across 51 meetings, all the way back to June 2018.

What happens in Buffalo, N.Y., during the next few weeks could yield an answer. And the situation isn't looking good for the coffee giant.

About 6.6% of the hospitality industry's workforce voluntarily exited their positions during the month, according to new federal data.

The new video combines content from original COVID-19 Delivery, Takeout, and Reopening modules and includes updated best practices.

A new study shows that a majority of hospitality workers are scouting for higher-paying positions. And the majority of those are looking for a bump of several dollars per hour.

Despite the temporary stay of a federal appellate court, and any subsequent challenge, the historic requirement will go into effect on Jan. 4 as planned, according to a spokesperson.

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