Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Minimum wage will rise Monday in 22 jurisdictions

The increases will push the nation’s highest rates to $15.59, while moving more cities and counties toward the $15 threshold.


18 states oppose joint employer definition favored by restaurants

The attorney general of each has urged the DOL to broaden the definition beyond what franchisors support.

The bonus package is targeted at part-time employees and comes amid persistent labor shortages.

Restaurant employees are difficult to find, and even more difficult to retain, in today’s environment of low unemployment and a growing economy.

The National Restaurant Association has taken on expanded leadership roles in the Emma Coalition to help prepare for changes brought by emerging technologies.

Employees of 12 Little Big Burger units will cast their ballots in July—at the request of their employer.

Think beyond the basic channels: Alternate sources of labor could prove a boon for operators.

The issue presents a contradiction: Operators want to reward workers based on merit; workers want to be paid for putting their time in, Advice Guy says.

Little Big Burger wants employees of all its Oregon stores to decide right away if they want union representation, and labor forces aren’t happy about it.

The ACF is adding online instruction to counter geographic challenges to apprenticing. The move promises to draw more aspiring back-of-house professionals.

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