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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Michigan court freezes minimum wage, preserves tip credit

In a win for restaurants, the state Court of Appeals essentially ensured that the status quo will persist after Feb. 19.


Raising Cane's rewards its 10 top GMs with a surprise Hawaii trip

All expenses incurred by the employees and their families will be picked up by the chain.

Advice Guy: For signs about employee handwashing and the like, bars and restaurants shouldn’t test the limits of health code compliance.

The Fast Act is now officially on hold until a 2024 referendum is held. But the war is on to capture the public's sympathies. And in the middle of it is McDonald's U.S. president.

The newly introduced proposal would go further than the Fast Act in some respects, such as requiring instruction from what sounds like unions.

The staff of a store in Northern California has voted to be represented by the same union group that's been organizing Starbucks.

Restaurant operators that have tried it tout benefits but say it can be costly—and complicated.

Advice Guy: Many people look at start beginning of the year as a time for new opportunities, but resignations should be approached as a conversation.

Noting that in-store workers don’t have the privilege to work from home, Interim CEO Howard Schultz said employees need to come into the office three days a week.

Signs abound that the business is awakening to the need for dramatic action.

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