Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Is it OK to ask a job applicant for their preferred pronouns?

Advice Guy: While this question likely aims to indicate that your restaurant is a positive and inclusive workplace, in general, interview questions should be related to the candidate’s ability to do the job.


This summer's exceptional heat is creating more challenges for restaurant employers

Some employees don't want to work in an inferno, while others are having shifts cut because customers don't want to brave hellish temperatures.

Are restaurant service charges transparent enough? Opinions among the supposed beneficiaries of these fees vary.

Working Lunch: Relying on a computer brain to sift through resumes for the ideal candidate could raise challenges about the criteria that are set by the employer.

Advice Guy: Despite some downsides, there are many reasons to consider a vacation closure.

Reality Check: Okay, there may be a tad of exaggeration there. But what do you expect when un-truths are flying through the business like Frisbees at one of my gigantic outdoor concerts?

The Democratic proposal would phase in the changes over a five-year stretch. The bill is a pet measure of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Working Lunch: The Industrial Welfare Commission has until October 2024 to issue its recommendations for changing pay within specific trades. Here's how that process will work.

The iconic Denver restaurant isn't fully open yet, but workers have sent a petition seeking changes to pay and benefits.

Working Lunch: The SEIU was successful in recreating the 1920s-era Industrial Welfare Commission, with the power to set pay within industries with a large portion of low-wage earners.

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