Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


House agrees to consider a rollback of the new joint-employer standard

A resolution thwarting adoption of a new definition will be put to a vote within days, according to the International Franchise Association.


Biscuitville expands role for both chief culinary officer and CIO

Executive Summary: New chefs join Atlas Restaurant Group and the California-based restaurant Parche; and promotions at Summit Restaurant Group.

Steeper increases were seen among 69 municipalities and counties that also raised their pay floors. Here's a look at where the wage is highest.

Reality Check: The industry can't publicly condemn Abbott's anti-immigrant measure without looking like a chronic lawbreaker.

Asian-American hotel operators can trace their families' arrivals to just a generation or two ago. They appreciate how a more open immigration policy would ease the U.S.'s labor plight.

Nearly a quarter of the year's 524 workplace homicide victims were serving customers or tending a retail establishment, the figures indicate.

Working Lunch: The developments are unlikely to halt the fault-finding that's erupted. But at least one could foster more respect.

Proceeds from the surcharge were used for purposes other than the one patrons expected, according to city authorities.

Though commissioned by Starbucks, it faults management for its naivety and misread of the situation, but says the chain never aimed to bust the union.

The chain has asked Starbucks Workers Union to push through disagreements on the format of negotiations and bang out all contracts by 2025.

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