Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Stress about finances takes toll on limited-service workers

And offering a retirement savings plan can significantly reduce turnover, according to other data.


DOJ wants stronger protections under the ADA for employees with alcohol issues

The department has filed a court action against a Minnesota town for requiring an employee to pay for proof of sobriety.

The National Labor Relations Board has announced that it will hold off on enforcement of the controversial standard until Feb. 26.

Eating places are closing at the rate of one per week because of the one-two-three combination.

Starbucks Workers United said it will push that demand with a job action during Red Cup Day, one of the coffee chain's major traffic boosters.

Forty-unit Plaza Azteca acknowledged that it underpaid back-of-house staffers.

A coalition of trade groups intends to ask for an injunction blocking adoption before Dec. 26, when the redefinition is scheduled to take force.

Working Lunch: A McDonald's in Connecticut is already charging that much for a combo featuring the signature sandwich. Might that become the threshold in the industry's largest restaurant market?

Eating and drinking places lost about 7,500 jobs in October, according to the federal government, with hiring across all industries decelerating significantly. But the unemployment rate remained at 3.9%.

Reality Check: The industry's tendency to portray every legislative or regulatory proposal as a restaurant killer is getting very old. Couldn't we be adults and focus on the real effects, like less opportunity?

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