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Restaurants are already bracing for a wave of wage-related ballot measures in November

Working Lunch: The trend promises to cost employers plenty of money and sweat if they hope to prevail.


EEOC broadens employers' obligations to pregnant workers

The updated workplace regulations require companies with at least 15 employees to make such concessions as allowing expectant mothers to sit down while working and adjusting schedules to permit time for doctor visits.

Following a Senate vote to scuttle the new franchising standard, opponents are hoping to avert a presidential veto.

In another example of state-level efforts to limit workplace obligations, the state is looking to prohibit local jurisdictions from requiring heat protections and predictive scheduling.

The daytime dining chain has added backup child and elderly care as an employee benefit. Workers pay as little as $10 a day for the service.

The addition matches the job creation figure for February, but marks a turnaround from the decreased employment registered in January, according to government data.

Jaws Jumbo Burgers plans to sell 30% of future units to the staffs who'll run them.

With all the last-minute sniping by members, the next meeting of the Fast Food Council promises to be a doozy.

Drivers for third-party delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats say their earnings have plummeted since the $26.40 hourly minimum wage went into effect.

The 12% reduction compares with layoffs of 1.7% for limited-service places, according to federal data.

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