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Chipotle to pay $15M to settle overtime dispute

The money will be paid out to nearly 5,000 workers who say they were wrongly classified as exempt from federal overtime rules.


Restaurant chains extend financial support to Texas employees

Several concepts with Texas locations are replacing lost wages for workers impacted by this month’s severe weather.

Senators from both parties are airing alternatives to the $15-an-hour proposal that was swatted down Thursday night.

Restaurants are entering a new era, investing in changes designed to make them more efficient and better able to provide a frictionless customer experience. The restaurant industry is building experiences for an ever-evolving future by meeting customers where they are, embracing technological advances, and building loyal communities.

The immigration enforcement agency said it will only go after individuals who are known violators instead of raiding restaurants and other employers on the basis of assumptions.

More than 80% of operators said their recovery would be hurt by the higher minimum, with cuts in hours and jobs, according to a National Restaurant Association survey.

The department is seeking a two-month postponement to further study the rule change proposed by the Trump administration.

The chain said it was “strongly recommending” its workers get shots to protect them from coronavirus.

Newly released data suggests that even a modest cash incentive can be effective.

The fast casual said the move better positions the brand for growth in the Southeast and Midwest.

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