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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Florida voters approve a $15 minimum wage

California voters also approved a measure allowing delivery drivers to continue to be classified as independent contractors.


Quiz: Which contactless talent management solution is right for you?

Foodservice employees have always faced their share of challenges on the job, but restaurant work during the pandemic is a whole different animal. Beyond the typical tasks of serving guests and supervising operations, restaurant staffers have undertaken additional responsibilities, often with fewer employees on staff than before the pandemic.

The pandemic has intensified two already challenging tasks in the restaurant industry: recruiting and retaining employees.

Restaurants are conducting COVID tests, checking temperatures and much more as they try to prevent the pandemic from spreading inside their establishments.

The fast-casual chain has added free mental health counseling, paternity leave and more to its latest suite of benefits.

The small Midwestern coffee chain said it is struggling during the pandemic and is seeking to offer the truths about unionizing to its employees.

The effort is aimed at prospective crew hires with ambitions of owning a store someday.

The coffee giant will tie executive pay to diversity targets and says that 30% of its corporate staff at all levels will come from diverse groups.

Just ask P.F. Chang's, says RB's Reality Check.

A union says at least 2,500 of its members will be among them.

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