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Another fine-dining star faces unionization, stoking fears of a Starbucks-like organizing blitz

Working Lunch: "We may be on the verge of having an organizing effort in the fine-dining segment."


A regulatory change promises to make the unionization of restaurants even easier

Working Lunch: The new process is already being used against single-unit operations.

Restaurant trade groups and other business organizations have filed the action in the same court that struck down a similar change in the rules in 2017.

Working Lunch: Unions say they want the practice stopped. But their real aim is to alienate the Black community.

The Ohio Restaurant & Hospitality Alliance airs research showing tipped employees are as opposed as their employers are.

Proponents of killing the credit acknowledged this week that legislation outlawing the employer concession is virtually dead for this year.

The industry and its allies are pushing legislation that would raise the state's minimum wage to $15 but keep the credit. The move is intended to thwart an effort to both raise the wage and kill the credit through a ballot initiative.

Reality Check: President Biden issued a set of guidelines Thursday for protecting workers from the digital onslaught.

The likelihood of workers testing positive, particularly for marijuana use, was particularly high for workers involved in workplace accidents.

The Behind You program by the Southern Smoke Foundation will connect those in the food-and-beverage industry to mental health services in five more states. The nonprofit hopes to raise $1 million this year for the expansion.

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