New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Panera rolls out a monthly coffee subscription

The company says the $8.99-per-month subscription can drive traffic and generate more food sales.


Dismal quarter sparks changes at Taco Cabana

With same-store sales falling 8.1% in Q4, parent company Fiesta Restaurant Group parts ways with the fast casual’s president and plots a turnaround.

Legislation introduced this morning would also prohibit the services from charging for calls that don’t result in a sale, and require that the commission portion of a delivery sale be revealed to consumers.

The co-branding effort figures large in the casual chain’s updated turnaround plan.

The struggling sandwich shop is facing pressure from activist investors and falling traffic.

In a warning letter, the agency tells the sandwich chain it must put steps in place to stop receiving and selling potentially “adulterated” vegetables, particularly sprouts and cucumber.

The fast-casual burger chain’s stock fell sharply Tuesday on its 3.6% same-store sales drop for Q4.

The takeout option helped the family chain post a 3.8% comp gain despite an ebb in traffic.

How well have you been paying attention to the biggest issues facing operators this week?

Specializing in wings and burgers, the virtual concepts will be marketed via third-party apps and serviced by existing units of their brick-and-mortar mother.

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