New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

NYC prohibits restaurants from refusing cash

Places that maintain a no-cash policy will be subject to a $1,000 fine.


NYC set to ban cashless restaurants

The city will join New Jersey, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, San Francisco and other jurisdictions in requiring restaurants to accept cash payments.

When it comes to asking for a job, selling something, requesting a media interview and more, there a few simple ways to increase your chances of getting a response, Advice Guy says.

Tech to ease operations and errors is on the way.

An alliance is asking the California Restaurant Association to drop its opposition to a ban on gas-fired equipment and collaborate on an all-electric future.

Expect lots of small changes, but there's no magic bullet on the horizon.

When customers gripe about pricing, they are really pointing out that they don’t see a good value proposition, Advice Guy says.

The fast-casual chain released preliminary Q4 sales showing a 12.2% same-store sales increase.

Or at least that was a major theme at the ICR Conference, where three dozen chains aired their strategies and financial results.

These restaurants are thinking beyond robotics and automation to increase throughput.

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