New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Sales at Chili’s drop to a third of usual volume

Delivery and takeout business has more than doubled, but off-premise is generating only about 30%-35% of former sales levels.


Restaurants step up to help hospitals, schools and more

Restaurants across the country are working to provide food and support for healthcare staff, K-12 students and families experiencing food insecurity.

Sales are down 70% on average systemwide, with 20% of corporate staff laid off or furloughed.

While operators are rightly trying to conserve gloves during the coronavirus outbreak, disposable gloves should only be used once, Advice Guys says.

A new coalition that includes Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck, Daniel Boulud and more had a phone call with President Trump to urge the feds to force insurers to accept restaurant industry claims.

The move comes after bankruptcy-court supervisors fired CEO Hazem Ouf and CFO Jim Lebs for paying sales taxes without permission.

Starbucks is exploring the use of masks, while McDonald’s is taking more aggressive steps to ensure workers exposed to the coronavirus stay home.

A number of independent operators have made the difficult choice in recent days to shutter completely rather than continuing takeout and delivery.

A dizzying drop in sales and mounting layoffs are just two of the disturbing findings in this national survey.

Operators are packaging the ingredients for make-at-home pizzas, brunch, tacos and more to deliver to housebound consumers.

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