New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

5 ways to add a fresh vibe to tabletops

Expressive dinnerware can make for an experience that is funky, eclectic or adventurous—and always memorable.


Restaurants in Calif. banned from automatically providing plastic straws

Full-service restaurants are prohibited from giving customers one unless they ask.

Not even diet soda can be featured as the default option, which will now have to be water or milk.

Big chains and indies alike continue to feed communities in the storm’s wake, even if their own restaurants are under water.

With customer preferences continuously changing and competitors introducing new offerings, the only way to truly cater to your customer’s needs is by listening to them and implementing changes based on their feedback.

The fast casual’s new Outpost program offers free delivery to office buildings via designated kiosks.

The coffee chain expects to save millions in utility bills under its new Greener Stores initiative.

Owners on the Carolina coast and beyond are implementing emergency plans for before, during and after what’s predicted to be a massive storm.

This week’s head-spinning moments include customers’ decision to secretly redecorate a McDonald’s and the capture of possibly the restaurant industry’s most notorious dine-and-dash artist. And it wouldn’t be a news roundup without a story involving Donald Trump.

The quick-service chain spent a year studying the ins and outs of delivery before taking the plunge. Now it’s glad it did its homework.