New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

10 days that changed the restaurant industry

For much of March, the threat of COVID-19 grew as the infection spread. On March 11, that problem became very real for thousands of restaurant operators and millions of employees, beginning a 10-day period unlike anything the industry has ever seen. The business may never be the same.


Chef Thomas Keller files suit against his insurer in business interruption dispute

Keller, the famed French Laundry proprietor, is seeking to recoup business lost due to the coronavirus shutdown.

As restaurants scale back or stop operations, the demand for supplies continues to rise in retail.

Advice, tips and guidelines in one handy guide, organized state by state, which we will update as more become available to us.

Landlords have been alerted by letter that restaurants will stop payments beginning with their April obligations.

Essentially, the COVID-19 crisis has converted every operational restaurant into a ghost kitchen. But what does that actually mean for operators?

The layoffs affect about 70% of the billionaire's workforce.

After closing or limiting operations due to the coronavirus, restaurants are reporting robberies. Here are some ways to avoid becoming a target.

The buffet chain said it will help the laid-off employees with food and assistance in accessing public benefits.

The salaries of the remaining home-office employees have been cut 50%.

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