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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D. is our Advice Guy and Professor of Culinary Arts and Science at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He is the co-author/editor of eight books, including The Anti-Inflammatory Family Cookbook (Simon & Schuster, 2021).

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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.

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Is my restaurant liable for issues with donated food?

Advice Guy: RB’s operations expert offers good news when it comes to reducing food waste.


Here’s how to keep diners from pilfering your hot sauce

Advice Guy: Beyoncé may have hot sauce in her bag, but RB’s operations expert shares how to prevent your restaurant guests from doing the same.

Advice Guy: RB’s operations expert says it’s a practice that depends on what kind of restaurant you’re running.

Advice Guy: RB's operations expert says operators must consider not only food safety but also food quality when hot holding items.

Advice Guy: RB's operations expert weighs in on whether dynamic pricing can benefit a restaurant's bottom line.

Advice Guy: The answer depends on how popular the restaurant is, but it’s rarely a bad idea to make customers happy, RB’s operations expert says.

Advice Guy: RB’s operations expert says it’s OK to write off research meals. But expensing date night is a no-no.

Advice Guy: RB’s operations expert says guests deserve a heads up when promotional pricing is about to end.

Advice Guy: RB’s operations expert says restaurants should encourage diners to take home their leftovers to reduce food waste.

Advice Guy: Here’s how to defuse a conflict over a pre-paid reservation refund.

Advice Guy: Interacting with an anonymous critic invokes the same advice I would give to someone who encounters a fearsome predator in the wild: Don’t make any sudden or unpredictable moves.

Advice Guy: Restaurant operations expert Jonathan Deutsch offers some guidance when it comes to trademarking recipes.

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