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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D. is our Advice Guy and Professor of Culinary Arts and Food Science at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He is the author of six books, including They Eat That? A Cultural Encyclopedia of "Weird" Foods (ABC-CLIO, 2012).

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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.

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Can restaurants require servers to finish side work before tipped work?

Yes, but operators should take stock of the kind of side work they're expecting, Advice Guy says.


How long can food be held in a steam table?

There's an important distinction between how long food can be held and how long it should be, Advice Guy says.

The line between side work and duties that call for full hourly pay is blurry, Advice Guy says.

A restaurant indicates it's serving veal from a certain farm, but the farmer says otherwise. Here's what to do, Advice Guy says.

Single-use gloves help prevent cross-contamination—and that extends to allergies, intolerances or other dietary restrictions, Advice Guy says.

No restaurant is every perfectly maintained, but there are some repairs that should take priority, Advice Guy says.

Servers are salespeople, after all, and their success in that area is key to the health of the operation, Advice Guy says.

There is a difference between what is generally considered "right" and what is right for your operation, Advice Guy says.

There are three steps to giving good, constructive criticism to an industry peer, Advice Guy says.

The issue presents a contradiction: Operators want to reward workers based on merit; workers want to be paid for putting their time in, Advice Guy says.

If done right, collaborating with a food cart can be a great opportunity for operators, Advice Guy says.

The key to an effective schedule might come down to the person in charge of making it, Advice Guy says.

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