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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.

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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D. is our Advice Guy and Professor of Culinary Arts and Science at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He is the co-author/editor of eight books, including The Anti-Inflammatory Family Cookbook (Simon & Schuster, 2021).

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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.

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Can servers be required to deep clean the restaurant kitchen?

Advice Guy: Many restaurants have a weekly all-hands deep clean, at least in the back of house, which I highly recommend.


When it comes to creative signage, how much can restaurants push the envelope?

Advice Guy: For signs about employee handwashing and the like, bars and restaurants shouldn’t test the limits of health code compliance.

Advice Guy: Certain methods of encouragement, such as signage, can work well, while offering discounts or free items in exchange for positive reviews is dicier.

Advice Guy: Many people look at start beginning of the year as a time for new opportunities, but resignations should be approached as a conversation.

Advice Guy: While two weeks’ notice is a common professional courtesy in restaurants, your workers are likely at-will employees who can come and go as they please.

Advice Guy: Too many restaurants just lump this into their cost of goods sold and figure that it won’t really matter.

Advice Guy: Books by industry leaders are a great tool to help you think about your own practice and goals.

Advice Guy: It would be a horrible waste to grind a cut of Wagyu into a burger. However, it's pretty unlikely that's what is actually happening.

Advice Guy: Nope. Tips received by management should go in the tip pool and be distributed the way other pooled tips are.

Advice Guy offers three strategies for chefs trying to figure out how much to charge for event appearances.

Advice Guy: Here are the steps restaurant operators can take when someone with an agenda is posting clearly fake reviews.

Advice Guy: This week's restaurant advice column discusses what to do when a customer orders something the sommelier doesn't think they'll like.

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