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Is it OK to ask a job applicant for their preferred pronouns?

Advice Guy: While this question likely aims to indicate that your restaurant is a positive and inclusive workplace, in general, interview questions should be related to the candidate’s ability to do the job.


Is it smart to close my restaurant for a week to give staff time off?

Advice Guy: Despite some downsides, there are many reasons to consider a vacation closure.

Advice Guy: Consultants should clearly state what they're willing to do as part of business development and what would require a paid contract.

Advice Guy: While it’s frustrating to have a smaller-than-expected group show up, the revenue gained may not be worth the potential loss of goodwill and future business.

Advice Guy: Whether you like a review or not, the least you can do is to thank a guest for it.

Advice Guy: Staff should not try to dissuade or refuse alcohol service on the basis of pregnancy.

Advice Guy: Yes. Even though you don’t have a liquor license, you do take responsibility for what happens in your establishment.

Advice Guy: International guests who are less familiar with U.S. tipping culture may expect to tip marginally or not at all when dining out. To reduce uncertainty, politely clarify tipping expectations on your signage or menu.

Advice Guy: Always be transparent about where your guests’ food is coming from and keep your pricing consistent across platforms.

Advice Guy: If you have sufficient variety and quantity of menu items to warrant a special menu, you should make one available.

Advice Guy: Fruits, vegetables and grains are inherently kosher, but unless a restaurant has rabbinical supervision and certification, it is not.

Advice Guy: The supper club model can work well, but you may want to test it as an event series first.

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