New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Does California just hate restaurants?

Reality Check: The industry's largest state market is about to hit the business, a significant part of its economy, with all sorts of changes and new burdens. What gives?


Chipotle agrees to pay $400,000 to settle sexual harassment lawsuit in Seattle area

Filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last year, the lawsuit involves allegations that a manager sexually assaulted a worker who was just 17 at the time. With the settlement, Chipotle does not admit wrongdoing.

Advice Guy: Subtle cues like clearing every possible item from the table may only be effective with savvy customers or those who want to leave anyway.

In a complaint filed in New York Supreme Court, 10 plaintiffs described an atmosphere of racial slurs and sexually inappropriate comments, mostly coming from two managers.

This will be the break-even year for the fast-casual chain, the company predicts. CFO Mitch Repack shared details on the strategies that are gaining traction.

As diners prioritize sustainability, restaurant operators have an easy way to meet demand—environmentally friendly packaging for off-premise orders.

The burger giant is ditching self-serve soft drinks by 2032 to “create a consistent experience” across its different ordering channels.

The price of a burger rose about 2% from November to June as beef prices remained stubbornly high, according to data from Toast.

Advice Guy: It used to be seen as classy not to mention prices in an upscale environment. But transparency matters, too.

Legacy Food Group has acquired four local distributors and said it intends to offer the benefits of scale without the headaches.

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