New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

86 Food Waste series shows operators how it’s done

The National Restaurant Association teams with the World Wildlife Fund to provide practical tips for reducing food waste in operations.


Intelligent menu engineering: How to get started and where to focus

Let’s face it; everyone in the restaurant industry is looking for a leg up on the competition and trying to maximize profits. Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics tools show that restaurant chains are pushing the envelope by assembling an optimized menu mix using a back office technique called Menu Engineering.

It’s our most celebratory and emotional time of the year. Are your employees up to speed on safe holiday alcohol service?

One Group says it will adopt some of what’s worked for its main concept, STK.

Therese Gearhart takes over for Hattie Hill as head of the organization that champions women in the restaurant industry.

Authorities say a commonly used bleach compound may have reacted with acidic floor residue to create toxic fumes, killing a manager and sickening at least 13 others.

Take a look at a comparison of purchasing FLAT Tech table bases versus standard bases and the potential impact of use on the hard operational costs, potential liability exposures and direct loss of brand reputation.

The company is making an investment in solar and wind power as it works to reduce its carbon footprint.

Amid talk of delivery, ghost kitchens and a worldwide shortage of restaurant talent, speakers and attendees aired a few surprises. Here’s a sampling.

One way to mitigate issues with food arriving in less-than-stellar condition is to streamline the menu.

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