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Stratas Foods

Stratas Foods

Stratas Foods produces only the highest quality products for our foodservice customers in the United States and Canada.

We offer a complete line of premium oil products, including such brands as Frymax, Mazola ZT, Whirl, Prep, Sterling and Sweetex. In addition, we also produce a high-quality line of custom and private label shortening and oil products for our distributor and chain customers.

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Benefits of substituting butter-flavored oil for butter or margarine

When substituting ingredients, many operators may not think of fats or oils as top candidates. However, replacing butter or margarine with butter flavored oil (also known as BFO) can greatly benefit restaurant kitchens.


How to pair the right oil with the right foods

Oils are the epitome of a workhorse ingredient; restaurants use them for everything from creating salad dressings and sauces to sautéing and deep-frying and more. Versatile as they are, there’s still ...

Recent months have thrown the restaurant industry for a loop, necessitating changes to on- and off-premise service as well as to the menu itself.

Keeping restaurant costs low has always been top-of-mind for operators.

Although consumers’ moves toward better-for-you menu items continues to influence operators today, fried foods remain universally popular choices for consumers.

Cooking oil will last longer and produce better results if restaurants follow three basic rules: keep it clean, keep it at the right temperature and keep a watchful eye on it.

Implementing more natural frying practices can be an area of opportunity for operators.