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What’s a union contract look like?

Burgerville, the regional quick-service chain, found out through more than three years of negotiation with the union representing the staffs of five units. Here’s the agreement that was finally approved.


Boston becomes Starbucks’ newest battleground

Working Lunch: This week’s episode of the podcast from Align Public Strategies features Tori Bedford with WGBH in Boston and Phil Wilson, president and general counsel of the Labor Relations Institute.

Meanwhile, the operators of three cafes in Massachusetts have voluntarily agreed to recognize union representation of their employees.

Little will change at the Buffalo, N.Y., location that voted to join a union, said North American President Rossann Williams. But she also said the vote was not official.

The communication from Kevin Johnson promises collaboration between headquarters and cafe staff members. It also pledges to increase staffing and deliver on new benefits.

The action aims to prevent the Biden administration from returning to the 80/20 rule for determining when tipped workers are entitled to a full wage.

The move announced by Mayor de Blasio would expand the current requirement on restaurants to all employers.

Only 17,580 workers were hired last month in the hospitality industry, leaving employers in the leisure sector with a 7.9% shortfall in labor. But some sectors of the supply chain showed more marked improvement.

The administration also urged employers not to delay preparations for the employee vaccine mandate, a sign the White House expects the historic measure to survive a court challenge.

The federal regulator has asked a federal court to direct the parent of Daily Grill to negotiate quickly and responsibly.

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