Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Scheduling laws drop a new cost on restaurants, study finds

In Fair Workweek jurisdictions, 80% of operators saw an increase in labor costs. Twenty-six percent reported an improvement in employee morale.


Chipotle tests unlimited paid time off for senior staff

The fast-casual chain continues to beef up its benefits offerings to recruit and retain workers in a challenging labor market.

Every employer should be considering these moves right now, according to a law firm that specializes in employment situations.

The redefinition narrows the circumstances under which a restaurant brand's owner can be held accountable for a franchisee's possible violation of union protection laws.

By creating a safer way for employees to perform tasks, operators can reduce the risk of injury and improve worker satisfaction, creating a more attractive work environment.

A new ranking shows innkeepers may have a better perception within the workforce than most restaurant operations do.

Proposals under consideration would require proof of a just cause, as well as remedial action beforehand. Employers would also have to meet certain requirements to cut hours and lay off staff. And its proponents leave no doubt that they expect the measures to catch on across the country.

So what if they can’t keep a restaurant open under the very conditions they’re demanding?

Salaried restaurant employees would not be exempt starting next year unless they earn more than $40,460.

Determining which items generate the most profit yields insights that can help you tweak recipes, pricing and overall menu composition.

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