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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


A major crackdown on child-labor violations is coming, White House says

The effort will extend to beefing up enforcement staffs, increasing penalties and having federal agencies work up a national plan, the administration said.


Franchise group blasts Biden's choice for top Labor Department job

Julie Su has been a foe of business throughout her public service career, with a tendency to over-regulate, said the International Franchise Association.

The pro-labor senator says he's tired of being ignored by the Starbucks interim CEO and wants an accounting of the chain's response to a unionization drive.

The prevailing wage is $23 an hour, plus sweetened benefits and greater scheduling flexibility.

Advice Guy: Earned wage access isn’t right for every operation. However, if the idea is appealing to your current and prospective employees, it's worth exploring.

Working Lunch: The CEO is quick to shift responsibility to societal trends. So why is the brand making so many operational changes?

Fifty-six of the 61 participating employers have stuck with the model, and 15% of the workers said no amount of additional pay would lure them back to a five-day week.

Legislation has been introduced to designate restaurant franchisors and franchisees as joint employers of a unit's staff.

Advice Guy: Unless there is an applicable company policy or local regulation, employers aren’t required to pay overtime for this sort of situation unless the staffer works more than 40 hours.

Working Lunch: "I see the fine hand of the anti-tipping lobby at play here," says co-host Joe Kefauver.

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