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Noodles & Company to offer PTO for vaccinations

The chain said it was “strongly recommending” its workers get shots to protect them from coronavirus.


First Watch to pay staff for vaccinations. New research says that's smart

Newly released data suggests that even a modest cash incentive can be effective.

The fast casual said the move better positions the brand for growth in the Southeast and Midwest.

Even such sticklers as Andrew Cuomo are cutting operators some slack.

A detailed economic analysis shows nearly 1 million workers would be pulled out of poverty, but 1.4 million jobs would be eliminated.

The upper chamber also cleared the way for package of a relief bill that includes $25 billion in restaurant aid.

Skepticism about the effects will likely frustrate efforts for widespread inoculations within the industry.

The list of operators opting for that course is growing quickly.

The fast-casual burger chain won’t require employees get inoculated against COVID, but they’ll get six hours of PTO if they do.

OSHA strengthened its employer recommendations for keeping workers safe, including what to do about vaccines.

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