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Fertitta's Landry's chain is sued by EEOC for allegedly picking on an Iranian employee

The suit alleges that the woman was routinely mocked for her appearance and accent, and that the company failed to stop it when the woman complained.


Dine Brands' new parental leave policy was employees' idea

The perk for new parents came from Women at Dine, one of the company’s staff resource groups. “The idea made great sense,” said new Chief People Officer Sarah Cannon-Foster.

Federal enforcement officials say the Hammock did not meet the requirements set out in a new law called the PUMP Act.

After local industry advocates dropped their opposition, a bill to phase out the employer payroll concession is being described as a done deal.

Two units of Good Karma have been okayed to end their representation by Workers United, the union behind the push to organize Starbucks.

Limited-service restaurants may have avoided an existential threat, but a $20 per hour minimum is expected to have a profound impact on wage rates across all segments and up the salary ladder.

The measure, which has also been passed by the state legislature, would set up a council to set wages and working conditions, starting with an increase in the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 an hour in April.

With a vote expected within weeks, the restaurant industry is mustering its resources--and plenty of research--to avoid a situation like the one that unfolded in Washington, D.C.

Advocates for the fast-food industry, the franchising community and organized labor have agreed to a compromise on the controversial measures. A wage-setting council is part of the deal.

Working Lunch: Restaurants will feel the impact, but the new rules could have been far worse.

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