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Nancy Kruse

Nancy Kruse is a menu maven and president of The Kruse Company. She is a well known and highly regarded expert on menu trends. Her monthly State of the Plate column provides insight into the trends influencing menu innovation.

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Nancy Kruse

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Are restaurants pricing themselves out of the good life?

Sweet & Sour: Columnists Peter Romeo and Nancy Kruse consider if menu pricing has hit the red zone. Someone check with a customer, quick.


Rabbit bounces back on restaurant menus

State of the Plate: RB Menu Trends Columnist Nancy Kruse says this is the Year of the Rabbit on some restaurant menus. But despite the protein's advantages, it will likely remain a niche item.

Sweet & Sour: The pandemic has fostered doubts about the viability of mid-priced dining. But isn’t the pandemic fading fast?

Sweet & Sour: Critics are blasting the life-saving program as a con job. They apparently prefer to kill the truth instead of germs.

State of the Plate: Restaurants are in the relationship business. But as Menu Trends Columnist Nancy Kruse recently discovered, that connection can sometimes get lost.

State of the Plate: Chefs have a long runway of opportunity to use more fruit in their cold-weather menus, in both sweet and savory dishes.

Sweet & Sour: Here’s what the veteran trend spotters say they’ll remember most from the year that's ending. Slice of Spam, anyone?

State of the Plate: Menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse examines the rapidly evolving doughnut, as chains big and small get innovative with the humble treat.

Sweet & Sour: The restaurant business has grappled with labor challenges for about 40 years now, but never a situation as trying as the current one. It’s time to rethink the very nature of restaurant work.

State of the Plate: Filipino cuisine has long been predicted to be the "next big thing." RB's menu trends columnist says it finally may be happening.

Nancy Kruse: This month's look at restaurant menu trends examines the popularity of the plant-based beverage, which also shines in more sophisticated items like cakes.

Nancy Kruse: The CNIC Culinary Competition showcases top cooking talent from the U.S. Navy, which could be a fertile ground for restaurants looking for people experienced in a high-volume, high-pressure environment.

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