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Nancy Kruse is a menu maven and president of The Kruse Company. She is a well known and highly regarded expert on menu trends. Her monthly State of the Plate column provides insight into the trends influencing menu innovation.

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The humble carrot takes center stage on menus

Nancy Kruse: RB's restaurant menu trends columnist dishes on the carrot, which is inexpensive, readily available and versatile.


Beef is still what's for dinner

Nancy Kruse: RB's menu trends columnist writes about the continued popularity of beef, and how restaurant brands have been expanding and upgrading their beef offerings.

State of the Plate: Menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse finds plenty of delicious examples that soft-serve ice cream's reach is expanding far beyond fast food.

From schnitzel to soft serve, Nancy Kruse and Lisa Jennings put in the mileage and tasted it all at the biggest restaurant event of the year.

Nancy Kruse and Lisa Jennings discuss restaurant reservation scalpers, cancellation fees and what to do when you can't get into the hottest concept in town.

State of the Plate: Italians are strict about their pies, but American pizza chefs have an array of seemingly endless riffs on the popular dish, menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse writes.

Nancy Kruse and Lisa Jennings swim with the gummy sharks to understand the rising tide of drinks, from dirty sodas to turmeric lattes.

State of the Plate: The iconic dish, which turns 100 this year, continues to be a platform for creative culinary reinvention on restaurant menus, RB menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse writes.

State of the Plate: Once shunned by carb-cutters, bread baskets, baguettes, rolls and other yeast-raised items —especially higher-quality baked goods —are proving to be a hit with customers.

Nancy and Lisa debate the up and downsides of these multi-concept outlets that are a leading cause of Choice Paralysis.

We loved them once. Will we love them again? Nancy Kruse and Lisa Jennings talk about the wave of restaurant brand revivals attempting to make what's old new again.

State of the Plate: RB menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse explains how Glen Bell’s “tay-kohs” walked so birria and other authentic dishes and flavors could become runaway hits with American diners.

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