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Nancy Kruse is a menu maven and president of The Kruse Company. She is a well known and highly regarded expert on menu trends. Her monthly State of the Plate column provides insight into the trends influencing menu innovation.

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Democratizing food media in a waffle iron with Skittles

Nancy Kruse and Lisa Jennings debate the changing of the guard in food media as TikTok steals the show.


Restaurants are suddenly all about dessert

State of the Plate: RB menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse dishes on the rising popularity of the last course, which is no longer operators' problematic stepchild.

Can the nation's collective palate evolve beyond the chicken nuggets they loved as toddlers? Or will we finally reach peak nugget and find another craveable protein to dip in all those terrific sauces out there?

Lisa Jennings and Nancy Kruse take on the latest weight-loss Magic Bullet threatening our favorite national pastime: Buying and consuming junk food.

State of the Plate: Menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse examines operators' push to make their menus more experiential with options such as truffle and caviar.

State of the Plate: Paul Prudhomme's legacy lives on in the growing and evolving Cajun items on menus, says RB menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse.

Nancy Kruse and Lisa Jennings talk girl dinners and why it's a good idea to leave your gender stereotypes at the door.

State of the Plate: RB menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse dishes on a summer loaded with unique items, including summer classics and a lot of pink.

Nancy Kruse and Lisa Jennings talk about the boomlet of French restaurants and whether Americans can move past the era of gloopy onion soup and soggy-crust quiche.

State of the Plate: Menu Trends Columnist Nancy Kruse explores the menu items restaurants use to cater to consumers' need for simplicity, with dips, finger foods, charcuterie and cast-iron skillets.

State of the Plate: Menu Trends columnist Nancy Kruse looks at the up-and-coming ideas and trends that she came across at the annual show: Fancy ice, coffee-top designs, alternative proteins, and "the internet's favorite hot sauce."

Is it time for American diners to put on proper clothes and start behaving a bit nicer in restaurants? Some operators are bringing back dress codes and more. But it may be too late to turn back from our sweatpants-wearing ways.

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