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Olive Garden owner says customers are 'resilient' but 'more selective'

Some are opting for less-expensive wines and entrees, executives said during a wide-ranging earnings call that also touched on student loans, California’s wage bill and Ozempic.


Uber Eats is adding an AI chatbot to help people find restaurants

It’s one of four new app features the delivery company unveiled Wednesday, three of which are related to groceries.

A judge ruled that DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub have “adequately stated a claim” that the city's limit on what they charge restaurants is unconstitutional.

Tech Check: Grocery is one of the few industries that may be even less techy than foodservice. Instacart wants to help it catch up, and could get a boost from its IPO.

Atul Sood sees a lot of opportunity in the company's partnerships with Kroger and Circle K, but not so much in its stand-alone ghost kitchens. “You’ll probably see less of those,” he said.

Tech is becoming the most crucial department in the modern restaurant C-suite. But with great power comes great responsibility.

The technology has been the talk of the conference. But many operators are still searching for the best applications, and some worry it could hurt the dining experience.

Tech Check: Restaurants’ war on inflation has intensified over the past year. Can tech provide answers?

The price of a burger rose about 2% from November to June as beef prices remained stubbornly high, according to data from Toast.

The operations specialist will help Starboard’s push to shake things up at Bloomin’.

The issue began Thursday and prevented operators from accepting payments for hours. Square said it was the result of a software update and that there was no evidence of a cyberattack.

Tech Check: As the ghost kitchen company expanded, it treated operators as expendable. It's now reportedly cutting staff and closing locations. The two problems are related.

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