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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Restaurant rent delinquencies soar again, study finds

More than half the nation's eating places shortchanged their landlords for September, the first time nonpayments have hit that mark in six months.


First Watch raises $170M in IPO

The breakfast-and-lunch chain priced shares at $18 with trading set to begin Friday.

The sandwich chain, which just opened its 2,000th unit, now thinks it can get bigger thanks to smaller towns.

While sales are back up over 2019 levels, even with the latest coronavirus surge, plenty of uncertainties remain about the future, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Labor problems and the delta variant are undercutting sales, while costs soar, the National Restaurant Association found in a survey.

The firm’s “Tindex” index suggests restaurants slowed 1.9% in the month, the likely result of the delta variant.

The pizza chain, eager to add more locations after years of decline, has an agreement with Sun Holdings to develop 100 locations by 2029.

RB Senior Editor Heather Lalley joins the “A Deeper Dive” podcast to talk about the alcohol shortage and the many challenges still facing small operators.

The company wants to bring in more large-scale operators. But it is also encouraging existing franchisees to open more locations.

In its IPO filing, the 67-unit fast casual known for hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches, said it was “well-positioned for global growth.”

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