How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


The pandemic is not yet done with restaurants

The Bottom Line: A rash of bankruptcy filings shows that small brands and franchisees continue to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic, three and a half years later.


Margins soar at Burger King franchisee Carrols, and so does its stock

The 1,000-unit operator said sales and traffic were better than expected and margins increased by 530 basis points. And its stock took off.

A travelers' advocacy group is accusing the multiconcept operation of violating truth-in-pricing rules and wants the surcharge dropped.

The burger giant has been selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts out of its Kentucky restaurants for months. Now they’re apparently talking about an expansion.

A Deeper Dive: Brian Miller, CEO of management consulting firm Patrice & Associates, joins the podcast to talk labor in the hospitality industry and how to keep good workers.

Danny Meyer's big regret. Why so many economic headlines are contradictory. And don't forget to reallocate your AI labor savings.

Premier Kings, a 172-unit Alabama and Georgia operator whose owner died in 2022, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing substantial operating losses.

The drive-thru beverage chain’s shop profit margins soared last quarter, to 31%, thanks to a combination of price hikes and efficiency. It will help with California wages set to increase next year.

The honeymoon continues for the newly public fast-casual Mediterranean chain, but officials say there are challenges ahead.

The Bottom Line: Negative transactions are so common that restaurant brands are thrilled simply not to lose customers. That could be a bigger challenge going forward.

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