How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Restaurants have good reasons for not turning cartwheels over the credit-card deal

Working Lunch: The offer from MasterCard and Visa doesn't look so good when you dive into the details.


Big Macs aren't McDonald's real inflation story. Instead, look to the Cheeseburger

While the focus on restaurant menu price inflation has centered on premium items like the Big Mac, it’s in the smaller items, with fewer deals available, where prices have increased most.

The family dining restaurant chain has hired an investment bank to look for a buyer, after having considered a sale in 2022.

Jordan Qsar, Grant Witherspoon, Chase Lambert and Austin Bernard were accused of trading stocks after learning that the Mexican restaurant chain would be sold to Jack in the Box.

The Bottom Line: The venerable Japanese steakhouse chain fetched a modest multiple in its sale to The One Group. But that’s where values have fallen these days.

A Deeper Dive: This week’s episode of the RB podcast features Tom Sacco, CEO of the Iowa-based pizza chain Happy Joe’s, on adapting the brand for today’s restaurant diners.

Acquiring the 86-unit teppanyaki chain will make the owner of STK and Kona Grill a $1 billion company. And it's just the beginning of an ambitious long-term growth plan.

The Bottom Line: Krispy Kreme gets a massive win with its McDonald's doughnut deal. But the payoff is less certain, and a long way off, for the fast-food restaurant chain.

The deal for Safflower Holdings, which also includes the RA Sushi brand, will nearly triple One’s footprint to 168 locations worldwide.

The Bottom Line: Growth that came so easy to pizza delivery chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns is now much harder to come by. And now two of them are looking for new leadership.

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