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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Applebee's President Tony Moralejo says brand will do more for franchisees

The franchisor plans to offer aggressive incentives and new prototypes to make opening restaurants more appealing. "We need to do our part," the new leader said.


Jack in the Box reaches a 'turning point' in its bid for growth

The fast-food burger chain has new deals to open restaurants in Florida and Arkansas, bringing the first new franchisees into the brand in years. And it is turning around its restaurants in St. Louis.

For franchises, growth is paramount. But accomplishing that is proving more difficult thanks to rising interest rates, construction costs and labor issues.

The Bottom Line: Sardar Biglari in his letter to shareholders boasted of the cash that Western Sizzlin has generated for Biglari Holdings. His comparison leaves much to be desired.

The pizza delivery chain also said that it is buying out most of the shares owned by Smith's hedge fund, Starboard Value.

Xperience Restaurant Group acquired Rio Mambo Tex Mex and The Rim from RM Restaurant Group.

A Deeper Dive: Jose Armario, CEO of the fast-food chicken chain, joins the podcast to talk about the brand’s performance and its future, including the direction of its menu. Also: Pizza, Corner Bakery's bankruptcy and M&A.

The burger chain is increasing its incentives to convince operators to open additional restaurants as it seeks to speed unit growth. But it is also walking back its deal with Reef Kitchens.

The pizza chain is spinning off the 35-year-old Uno Foods so it can focus more on franchising.

The chain expected to return to net new unit growth this year. Instead it will close more restaurants than it opens again, citing high costs and underwhelming returns.

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