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Top indie trends

Top indie trends

Restaurants in this year’s Top 100 Independents ranking brought in a combined $1.8 billion last year.

5 Hot Markets in Asia

5 Hot Markets in Asia

With a crowded, competitive restaurant market in the U.S., many operations have headed overseas to drive their growth.

In today’s hypercompetitive restaurant industry, the slightest edge can make a difference. The ideas collected here range from small tweaks such as dedicated gum-disposal slips to transformational changes such as solar-powered restaurants. But each one has the potential to make a positive impact for operators.

Each of this year's 50 Great Ideas has the potential to make a positive impact for operators.

Which industry trends are gaining traction? What's garnering consumer interest? These emerging chains are the growth vehicles to watch—the ones poised to be major industry players in the coming years. The fastest-growing small chains in America represent a mixed bag of trends, but they have one thing in common: impressive growth in both sales and unit count.

10 sandwich sales drivers

What do these successful emerging brands predict about next-generation concepts?

Today’s busy consumers are increasingly skipping breakfast at home, finds Technomic’s Breakfast Consumer Trend Report.

Check out Technomic's Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report, providing a peek at the data as well as insights into the shifts and trends impacting the industry.

Sriracha. Nashville hot chicken. Kale. While relatively mainstream now, these flavors were once uncommon.

Burgers continue to be one of Americans’ favorite, most craveable foods.

The influencers on this year’s Power 20 list aren’t just changing the menu within their own organizations—they are altering how the entire restaurant industry thinks about and approaches menus. They are the disruptors and the rebels who dare to go in a different direction.

Today’s always-on-the-go lifestyle is changing the way people eat—and what they want restaurants to provide.

Nearly 80% of millennials will be parents by 2026. And millennials aren’t the only parents dining out with their spouse and kids.

Without these ground-breakers, the restaurant business may have been much different today.

Back-of-house tech has come a long way since crushed ice dispensers were considered innovative.

Bold attempts to disrupt the business often fizzled, but not before influencing the industry’s direction.

Innovators that dared to challenge the norm had a major impact on operations.

Veteran industry leaders weigh in on what they expect next and how it will affect the industry.

There’s a bit of a dichotomy between the wants and needs of the modern restaurant customer.

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