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Top 500 Chains

Top 500 2018

Chain restaurants faced another tough year in 2017. Still, well over half of the restaurant industry’s $536.8 billion came from the Top 500 chains, as ranked by Technomic.

10 Groundbreaking Concepts

10 Groundbreaking Concepts - 2018

The problems hitting the restaurant industry—labor woes, competition from outside forces, real estate challenges and more—are affecting national brands...

Industry experts name their favorite meals of the year.

We've gathered an esteemed panel of industry insiders to name the restaurant dishes they enjoyed most over the last year-the ones that literally made them clean their plates.

List of 100 top-grossing independent restaurants in America based on restaurant data like restaurant sales and average restaurant check size.

The one-size-fits-all approach of big legacy chains may be giving way to more diversified, regionalized methods of restaurant development, even for concepts...

With every class of up-and-coming concepts comes a fresh crop of common threads that tie them together.

The 50 restaurant dishes that follow are top sellers that are currently driving traffic and may be tomorrow's Bloomin' Onion, Blizzard or Doritos Locos Taco.

Meet the family dynasties leading restaurants into a new generation.

With 15 restaurants on the Top 100 Independents ranking, Las Vegas is home to the highest-grossing concept and plenty of options from celebrity chefs.

In compiling this roundup, we spotted several hotbeds of creativity in bar service and drink menus, chic decor on the cheap, sustainability solutions and hyperlocal marketing.

California is home to 11 of the Top 100 Independents; most of those in the Golden State are split fairly evenly between San Francisco and the Southland.

Popular new offerings from Top 100 restaurants run the gamut, with operators listing drinks, seafood, steaks and more as popular new items.

Here's a look at the highest-grossing independent seafood restaurants in the country.

The top-grossing independent seafood restaurants of the year.

Like most businesses, leading restaurants have to continually work to keep sales growing. Restaurant Business asked the highest-grossing independent restaurant operators how they build business in an increasingly competitive environment.

Over the years, the leading independents ranking has become more geographically diverse. Nevertheless, almost three in 10 Top 100 independents are located in New York City. Here are the highest-volume restaurants in the Big Apple.

The 10 highest-grossing Italian independent restaurants include bar-forward nightclubs, fine-dining destinations, and red sauce and spaghetti giants.

The 11 Top 100 restaurants in California are almost evenly split between San Francisco and Los Angeles/Orange County. Here are the top-grossing independents in the Golden State.

Operators across the country beefed up their HR practices with new ways to work with their teams.

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