Working Lunch

Working Lunch is a podcast from Align Public Strategies devoted to explaining the so what and now what about key issues impacting the restaurant and retail industries.


Restaurants find unlikely allies in the push to roll back credit card fees

Working Lunch: A newly formed alliance includes parties that are usually opposed to the industry on political matters.


Expect more action next year on reducing credit-card fees

Working Lunch: Shifting political alliances are likely to turn a reduction in charges into an imperative at the state level.

Working Lunch: Among the industry's concerns should be Democrats' embrace of abortion rights as their party's issue. The importance of the matter to voters could usher more anti-business progressives into office.

Working Lunch: A McDonald's in Connecticut is already charging that much for a combo featuring the signature sandwich. Might that become the threshold in the industry's largest restaurant market?

Working Lunch: The National Labor Relations Board's controversial move is likely to be challenged immediately in court. The franchise community is also likely to push for use of the Congressional Review Act. But will either effort succeed?

Working Lunch: Townsend Brown, policy analyst with Multistate, joins the podcast to discuss the law. Also, the restaurant industry may have beaten back another tip credit proposal.

Working Lunch: The podcast from public affairs firm Align Public Strategies features a discussion on Biden’s “junk fees” proposal and more on the tip credit.

Working Lunch: This week's podcast from Align Public Strategies features a discussion on a unionization effort at Hex and Co., a three-unit cafe-game concept out of New York. Also, how the GOP meltdown could affect small business.

Working Lunch: A group called the Critical Labor Coalition has some ideas its pushing on the Hill. Here are a few of the would-be aids.

Working Lunch: The Illinois Restaurant Association threw in the towel without so much as making a fist.

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