Working Lunch

Working Lunch is a podcast from Align Public Strategies devoted to explaining the so what and now what about key issues impacting the restaurant and retail industries.


Labor is testing whether California's new fast-food wage-setting process would work elsewhere

Working Lunch: Minneapolis is essentially testing the portability of the controversial Golden State model.


The odds for keeping delivery fees and large-party gratuities aren't looking good

Working Lunch: The Biden administration doesn't get that those aren't true "junk fees."

Working Lunch: The trend promises to cost employers plenty of money and sweat if they hope to prevail.

Working Lunch: The podcast from Align Public Strategies features a discussion of a portable benefits pilot program as well as the media uproar over California’s $20 fast food wage.

Working Lunch: The offer from MasterCard and Visa doesn't look so good when you dive into the details.

Working Lunch: Add-on charges are now under scrutiny at both the federal and state levels and could be in danger of drawing even more unwanted attention.

Working Lunch: The agency realized the mandate was too unwieldy and extensive.

Working Lunch: Why the sudden controversy over some provisions, and the backtracking by the new law's sponsor?

Working Lunch: Starbucks Workers United is stepping up its courtship of the public as it looks ahead to contract negotiations.

Working Lunch: A Congressional investigation is likely to throw sand into the well-oiled lobbying machinery of One Fair Wage.

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