The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

GetSwift moves to be one-stop shop for last-mile delivery

As food and restaurant businesses look to conquer every step of the delivery game, they face a ton of obstacles—from too many point solutions to that thorny, final leg of the journey.


Jimmy John’s pushes back against third-party delivery

The delivery pioneer vows to “never” use third-party services even as competitors increasingly expand their use.

The service expansion through Grubhub follows the chain’s seventh straight year of same-store sales growth.

The more those in the industry know about cloud computing, the better able they will be to take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer.

Funds from Tiger Global Management follows a $40 million round in 2016.

New research shows the top choices for restaurants looking to buy a system in 2019, based on their functionality and price.

The crystal ball into consumers’ habits is driven by data.

Burger King is using geocaching technology to offer Whoppers for a penny to app users who place their orders near a McDonald's.

Dunkin Donuts' situation suggests other restaurant chains could also be affected.

Demand for the company’s kiosk-based model has soared as takeout and delivery grow more popular.