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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Restaurants may be in the midst of another virtual brand explosion

Tech Check: The number of delivery-only concepts has nearly doubled this year, according to a company called Kitchen Data Systems, which says it has developed a way to count them.


Delivery's growth may not be coming from restaurants

Tech Check: DoorDash and Uber Eats keep racking up sales. But they're increasingly from places that aren't restaurants.

The restaurant tech giant is making its move into QSR by targeting the high-volume drive-thru channel.

Its new Cloud Cafe service, which allows employees to order meals from an app, was built for hybrid workplaces.

Tech Check: A newly opened rest station for delivery people is a much-needed amenity. Why didn't delivery providers think of that?

As consumers and the world at large place a higher priority on diversity initiatives within the restaurant world, there’s no question that restaurant owners have had their work cut out for them.

Technomic's Take: Relenting on fees and providing a restaurant direct ordering funnel may be a key stop in an evolution toward a unified third-party delivery ordering marketplace.

The company’s conversational technology frees up staff, while still catering to customers

The fast-food restaurant chains are using artificial intelligence to make their weekly supply orders, which is designed to increase accuracy and cut back on food waste.

Tech Check: The Perfect Co. gamified the back of house to make workers more efficient. Restaurants are lining up to try it.

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