The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Dynamic pricing startup Juicer raises $5.3M

The company uses AI and historical sales data to adjust restaurants' menu prices in real time.


California bill would force delivery apps to disclose what restaurants pay

Customers would be able to see the commissions that DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub charge to restaurants. Opponents say it would also expose that data to competitors.

Operators complain of frequent fraud and a cumbersome process for getting their money back from delivery providers. “They make nothing simple for you.”

Cybersecurity site said the company's virtual machines were encrypted by cyber attackers, resulting in the three-day outage. The report cites unnamed sources and internal emails.

The small company formerly known as Waitr ended its operations Tuesday. It had been struggling to compete with larger delivery players for years.

Technology firms are consolidating as they look to offer restaurants more features in one box. Here are six deals from Q1.

Labor challenges are ongoing for restaurants in all segments. Whether operators are having trouble finding trained employees or are facing difficulty with retention, the outcome is the same—stressed w...

Mobile ordering, paid reservations and, yes, dynamic pricing, are in demand among younger diners, according to a new report from the National Restaurant Association.

The shared-kitchen startup has limited its focus to providing kitchen space for a variety of food businesses, leaving the technology to others. The simplified approach has yielded profits and growth.

The online ordering provider for independent restaurants is also laying off a reported 30 people as it absorbs the Cuboh team.

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