Benefits Of Moving Order Pickup Lockers Outside

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It’s no secret that consumers enjoy ordering takeout they can effortlessly pick up. In recent years, restaurant operators have worked hard to streamline the process, including adding convenient pickup lockers inside their locations. Pickup lockers offer many benefits. They eliminate the risk of orders being taken by the wrong person, which in turn saves workers the time of having to remake missing orders. They also remove the issue of large groups of customers clustering in the lobby waiting for their orders to be ready—instead, pickup lockers use technology to alert customers when their orders are ready, so they can plan their arrival to avoid waiting.

With the continued rise in popularity of third-party delivery, restaurant lobbies and waiting areas have become crowded. When multiple delivery drivers arrive to pick up orders during busy hours, they often take up space that dine-in customers would typically use. This can give the impression to people passing by that the restaurant’s too busy or they’d have too long a wait to go in. So, crowded entryways can not only be inconvenient, they can impact business as well. To alleviate these concerns, some operators are opting for a helpful alternative.

Why change or add pickup locker locations?

To combat crowding issues, more operators are moving their pickup lockers to the exterior of the restaurant. This helps save space for dine-in patrons while further streamlining the order pickup process. OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Lockers from Apex Order Pickup Solutions offer the same benefits as indoor pickup lockers—allowing workers to load orders through the back of the locker for easy pickup. The added convenience and time-saving solution allows workers to load the orders into the locker from inside the restaurant without ever having to leave their post indoors.

Also, by placing pickup lockers outdoors, operators give customers and delivery drivers the opportunity to pick up their orders without even having to go inside. Not only does this speed up the pickup process and help ensure customer satisfaction, but crowding inside the restaurant is eliminated.

Streamlined processes, happy customers and staff

Continued innovations, such as exterior pickup lockers, help operators thrive in the off-premise space. By making sure diners get what they ordered every time, as well as speeding up the delivery process, customers remain happy, loyal patrons of their favorite restaurants. Apex Order Pickup Solutions’ OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Lockers are engineered to be installed in an exterior wall, making the order pickup process easier for everyone involved. To learn more, visit

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