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Apex Order Pickup Solutions

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Why pickup shelves are a black hole for restaurant profits

The ordinary pickup shelf is one of the most common types of restaurant equipment, yet it’s also one of the most likely to fail. It’s used dozens of times a day, if not hundreds, by takeout custome...


Choosing new technology? Prioritize fast results over flash

At this year’s restaurant trade shows, there was a lot of buzz about the latest technologies, such as robot servers, AI voice technology, autonomous delivery vehicles and more. While it's eas...

Picture someone just coming home from work, thinking about placing an order from their favorite local restaurant. As they narrow down their menu choices, they’re also weighing their options between ta...

Restaurant tech stacks give operators key data insights about the order journey, from the time the order was placed, to the time it was fired, how long it took the team to prepare and the time the ord...

Over the past two years, amid the surge of off-premise dining, ghost kitchens saw unprecedented growth and success. The growth of these technology-driven, off-premise-only facilities accelerated ra...

Offset labor shortages with technology, freeing up staff to enhance the dining experience.

The most advanced locker solutions also capture new data from multiple employee and customer touchpoints to offer new operational insights across a brand’s portfolio as well as a closer look at the last step of their customer’s digital journey.

Food pickup challenges have led some forward-thinking operators to install smart pickup lockers, like those from Apex Order Pickup Solutions.

By not knowing the ins and outs, operators could be in the dark when it comes to customer service.

In the past year, consumers have discovered how easy it is to pick up their phone, push a few buttons and pick up their favorite meal minutes later at their neighborhood restaurant.

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