The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Better Days envisions a better robot restaurant

The Mediterranean concept believes it holds the key to two of the industry’s holy grails: fully automated kitchens and healthy, affordable food.


7 tech takeaways from the National Restaurant Association's annual forecast

Restaurants will add more technology in 2024, even as some consumers say they’ve had enough, according to the State of the Restaurant Industry report.

Tech Check: Many view the technology as a knight in shining armor for their labor woes. Is it the start of a lasting relationship, or just puppy love?

Order with Google, which allows customers to order within Google search or maps, will soon redirect them to other sites.

The fast-growing company aims to help mom-and-pops build their online business with an “all-in-one” set of tools.

The short summaries are one of several new AI-powered features on the review site that are designed to make it easier for consumers to find what they're looking for.

Investors accused the company of failing to properly disclose that it was losing Subway as a client. Olo continued to deny any wrongdoing.

It’s the first acquisition for the tech supplier and will allow restaurants to text their guests with the help of artificial intelligence.

At least one early EV adopter reports strong marketing benefits, but a host of other advocates are showing more reserve about the prospects, at least for now.

The sub-sandwich chain is testing a system that fields phoned-in takeout orders and provides information about the menu and store.

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