The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Consumers across generations debate the pros and cons of restaurant tech

As the industry races to adopt the latest innovations, how are diners feeling about their brand interactions? A member of Gen Z, a Millennial, a Gen Xer and a Boomer shared their views at FSTEC.


Want the CEO's job at a restaurant chain? Get a job in tech

At FSTEC, speakers suggested that technology is the new route to the corner office.

Tech Check: Restaurants’ war on inflation has intensified over the past year. Can tech provide answers?

The issue began Thursday and prevented operators from accepting payments for hours. Square said it was the result of a software update and that there was no evidence of a cyberattack.

The location in Austin, Tex., is cashless and seatless and without a traditional drive-thru. Customers order via mobile app or kiosk.

Premium, live sports content in bars and restaurants is a huge draw—guests gather to watch their favorite teams play and order snacks, drinks and meals during their often multi-hour visits. In short, it’s a huge opportunity for operators, and having a reliable provider is key.

Tech Check: As the ghost kitchen company expanded, it treated operators as expendable. It's now reportedly cutting staff and closing locations. The two problems are related.

The chicken sandwich chain is adding “Mobile Thru” lanes to its drive-thrus in 300 locations amid a growing number of efforts to bolster its digital business.

He will be replaced by COO and President Aman Narang, who co-founded the company in 2011.

Brands like Chipotle, Starbucks and Domino's are leaning on AI to do things like predict traffic, set prices and bake pizzas before they're even ordered.

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