Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry


Michigan approves self-service alcohol taps

Licensed establishments can now allow patrons to draw their own beer, wine or mixed drinks, though with very specific stipulations.


New York OKs sale of Japanese spirit by restaurants licensed for beer and wine

The law also permits shochu to be sold under that name rather than the erroneous label of soju.

The burrito chain, seeking to boost in-restaurant ticket sizes, is adding Watermelon Limeade for a limited time.

Creating an optimized wine list for a restaurant is a job that requires a good knowledge of sommellerie, but also of the identity in place.

Cold brew has been one of the fastest growing foodservice trends over the past few years, appealing to both consumers with its smooth, refreshing taste, and to operators with its premium positioning a...

In the “other beverage/snack” category, this chain stands out in the Top 500 by paying equal attention to food and drink, health and indulgence.

From bar-centric layouts to expanded cocktail menus, there’s a renewed focus on adult beverages, but some hurdles remain.

Building on the success of its coffee subscription, the fast casual launched the $10.99-a-month Unlimited Sip Club, which offers 26 self-serve beverages.

New bar bites and handcrafted cocktails draw guests to lighter fare at the meat-centric Brazilian churrasco chain.

In a post-lockdown restaurant industry, with dining rooms reopening and consumers venturing back out, it will be as important as ever for restaurant operators to provide a top-tier experience for thei...

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