Coffee solutions that meet today’s industry challenges

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The restaurant industry is facing unprecedented challenges regarding labor. Worker shortages, combined with the rising cost of wages, have made it difficult for many operators to find the staff they need to keep up with demand. Additionally, consumer demand for the latest trends has shown no sign of waning. When it comes to beverage trends such as cold brew and nitro cold brew coffee, the combination of labor shortages and costs have kept some operators on the sidelines—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why offer cold brew and nitro coffee?

The National Coffee Association reports that cold brew is the fastest growing coffee drink, with about one in five Americans under 40 drinking cold brew every day. Datassential research from February 2022 shows that cold brew mentions on menus have grown 166% over the past four years, while mentions of nitro cold brew have grown a whopping 670%. With numbers like these, it’s easy to see that nitro coffee and cold brew are big opportunities for operators. Customer satisfaction hinges on the availability of the most sought-after foods and beverages, so for operators who want to stay abreast of trends, cold brew and nitro coffee offerings are crucial.

Previous barriers to entry

A main concern for operators who haven’t yet added these drinks to their lineups may be the labor and associated costs. Cold brew coffee typically takes several hours to steep, which means demand must be forecast ahead of time—already allowing room for error. Additionally, nitro cold brew typically requires cumbersome equipment such as kegs and gas lines to account for proper dispensing—equipment that many operators don’t have the space for, let alone the time or budget. Thankfully, new solutions are available which eliminate these roadblocks.

Space- and labor-saving solutions

Nowadays, operators can lean on all-in-one solutions to ease the woes of traditional cold brew and nitro offerings. With Segafredo Zanetti’s NitroTap™ system, operators can implement a complete draft coffee experience without installing a gas-reliant kegerator system. NitroTap™ dispenses both Segafredo Zanetti® premium cold brew (available in ready-to-serve format) as well as nitro cold brew in one compact, countertop-sized machine. It offers easy installation and user-friendly interfacing—simply plug in, connect the bag of coffee and dispense. No nitrogen gas service nor waterline connections are needed, and internal refrigeration allows for optimal freshness in every cup. Best of all, it’s capable of serving any volume of customers, from small self-service counters to high-volume coffee bars, all while limiting waste and eliminating most of the labor involved in traditional nitro and cold brew setups. Cold brew and nitro are available on demand thanks to ready-to-drink solutions, and customers get the exact beverage they’re looking for—an undeniable win-win.

To learn more about Segafredo Zanetti’s NitroTap™ system, premium ready-to-drink coffee and other beverage solutions, visit Cold Brew Coffee (

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