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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


8 chains taking a leap with Leap Day promos

Here's how restaurants are trying to boost sales by observing the day that only comes once every four years.


Casual chains tout the quality side of value

The past week's best-performing ads pushed top-flight items at a bargain price.

IHOP will also tout its bargains, and both brands will make a push for more catering business, according to their parent company.

Customers who spend a certain amount in-restaurant can pick off a special $6 menu of heat-and-eat take-home dishes.

The latest in a flurry of bills aimed at regulating the services would apply only to certain pieces of data, and only upon request once a year.

Casual-dining chains continued to flog new products and deals, while quick-service and fast-casual brands turned a spotlight on their signature long-standing hits.

With 8.5 million rewards members, the fast-casual burrito chain will soon roll out personalized marketing efforts to boost frequency and engagement, while reducing operational friction.

The most effective restaurant chain ads of last week focused on menu and service options rather than price.

The burger chain’s entry into the morning daypart comes next month, setting up a major breakfast battle among the country's biggest concepts.

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