Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


The 10 most unique LTOs on chain menus

The originality of these limited-time items piqued consumer interest in November.


Taco Bell is launching a new value menu

The new “Cravings Value Menu” will have items ranging from $1 to $5 and will kick off with a new ad campaign.

The chicken chain is selling chicken-scented logs, and the burger chain will sell you a firescreen.

The social media channel boasts drool-worthy food photos, but how much does it impact restaurant choice?

The pizza chain says Papa Rewards will give out points faster than before.

The 60,000 free slices of cheesecake were gone in an hour, sparking frustration and an arrest.

From mugs to onesies, here are some of the wacky branded goodies chains are offering up now.

Consumers learned about coffee growing, climate change and conservation at the McCafe Sustainable Coffee Journey in downtown Chicago.

The quick-service chain steals an Olive Garden stunt and offers up eight weeks of unlimited pasta, with an off-premise twist.

Discounts are still a staple, but new come-ons include free rides and tamales.