Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Ignore social media and online reviews at your own risk

Proactive restaurateurs and bar owners aren’t content to take a passive approach to amateur Yelpers.


Burger King lets AI do its new ads, with predictable results

The creepy, robotic ads mock the growing use of artificial intelligence in various industries.

Spoiler alert: Seattle isn’t No. 1.

The new name is part of an effort to reposition the brand as a beverage specialist that sells doughnuts, not the other way around.

The campaign highlights the 51 “real” ingredients the company uses for its menu.

The company's Pizza Portal works with the chain’s mobile app for pickup orders.

Here are four creative ways brands are looking to drive traffic (and boost goodwill) as the weather cools.

That’s just one of the recent restaurant nightmares on our radar—don’t forget the customer who downed 100 plates of sushi in an all-you-can-eat joint.

The QSR chain is highlighting its international growth with events worldwide on National Taco Day, Oct. 4.

The restaurant chain offered up clues on social media leading to 10 all-you-can eat pasta passes.