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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Restaurant gift cards abound on holiday wish lists this year, study finds

About 2 of 3 consumers hope to get one, according to the National Restaurant Association.


RB’s 2021 Restaurant Holiday Gift Guide

Pajamas, vodka and lip balm. Chains have everything for that restaurant lover on your gift list.

With vaccines readily available and growing comfort around holiday gatherings, restaurant chains are launching promotions for informal, non-traditional celebrations. Red Lobster biscuit stuffing, anyone?

Operators in several markets handed them out to random delivery customers as part of the company’s effort to highlight high fees for third-party delivery.

Customers place an order online, park in a dedicated spot and then grab their order from a pick-up shelf inside.

A look inside the pizza chain’s rebranding, including a new logo that distances itself even further from its embattled founder, John Schnatter.

The musician whose “All I Want for Christmas is You” has become a holiday staple is helping to market “12 Days of Deals” in December.

The burger chain sued the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, saying that its character is a rip-off of its own Jack Box mascot.

The Walker Hayes hit about eating Bourbon Street Steak and Oreo Shakes generated lots of attention for the chain, as well as some of its most popular advertising ever.

The burger chain will give out mostly dogecoin, but some etherium or even bitcoin, to BK Royal Perks members who spend $5 or more.

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