Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Red Robin’s Q2 traffic falls 6.4% as bargains are downplayed

Management is focusing on higher-priced menu options to help margins while aiming to please value-hunters with improved operations.


Some Popeyes locations run out of sandwiches

The chain has sold so many that some restaurants are running out of buns.

The chain is making the side dish a center-of-the-plate item with the addition of chicken.

Here's what's simmering while the industry is busy summering.

The fast-food giant is debuting its new-look McCafe this week with a pay-it-forward promotion.

A Twitter battle involving several competitors gave the chain tons of free publicity for a new product that is vital to its future.

Consumers gave high marks to these limited-time offers on chain menus.

Are they likely to succeed in snagging attention and sales? Decide for yourself.

The sandwich chain’s Home in the Zone contest will reward one winner with a new house within a Jimmy John’s delivery radius.

Winners will have the opportunity to buy a special version for an additional $400.

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