Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Wendy's celebrates Hallo-Weekend with spooky good deals

Marketing Bites: More restaurant chains are getting ready for Halloween weekend. Other chains are honoring public servants this week. And a look at what food-centric holidays are coming up.


Domino's is giving away pizzas to people with student loans

The chain is giving $1 million worth of free pizzas to people who have to start paying student loans again.

The bar that owned the registration in New Jersey gave up its hold on the phrase, officially ending Taco Bell’s campaign to “free” the trademark.

The $7 Deal Lovers Menu largely matches rivals Domino’s and Papa Johns and comes as more brands push value offers.

Marketing Bites: From Barbz Day to free pizza promotions, here’s a look at what’s new in restaurant marketing.

For the annual Boorito promotion this year, 53 college town locations will extend their hours until midnight.

Exclusive perks, NFTs and AI are trending in restaurant rewards. But it’s OK to keep it simple, too.

The eatertainment concept has struck a licensing deal to create a new branded area at a Sacramento water park.

Technomic's Take: Parents and older family members can induce feelings of second-hand nostalgia and FOMO. It's why catering to parents of young children is so important.

The burger giant’s latest promotion, called the “1 in 8 Initiative,” highlights the percentage of Americans who’ve worked at one of the chain’s locations at some point in their lives.

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