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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


McDonald’s brings back the McRib and an old marketing gimmick

The burger giant is trying to bring back some mystery surrounding the sandwich by making this a "farewell tour," something it first used 17 years ago.


TikTok is having a big influence on where millennials eat

More than half of users in that generation said they’ve visited a restaurant after seeing it on the app, according to a new survey.

Marketing Bites: The burger chain proves that you don’t need a big name to have a big impact; Taco Bell brings back a hit marketing effort; Papa John’s gets spooky.

Joel Bulger is tasked with leading brand communications for growing Tex-Mex taco brand.

The burger chain will conduct a limited-time operations test at nine company locations in Louisville, Ky.

The cookie chain, facing a growing number of competitors, has released an ad featuring the famed announcer saying, “Let’s get ready to Crumbl!”

Limited-edition Arby’s Smoked Bourbon is infused with the same smoked oak as its Smokehouse Sandwiches.

The focused promotion appears less likely to cause a shortage and is designed to bolster excitement in new market.

Marketing Bites: Kraft pulls a Big Mac marketing stunt; another brand starts a loyalty program and White Castle answers some questions.

The coffee giant is partnering with the airline in the most prominent example yet of a major restaurant chain expanding the scope of its loyalty beyond its locations.

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