Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Bob Evans aims for Florida bargain-hunters with a new meal deal

The family-dining chain is offering a bundled Dinner for 2 for $22.99, but just within the Sunshine State.


Thermometers say its time to give air conditioning its due

Restaurant Rewind: Never mind AI. Here's the technology that'll really matter, starting this week and continuing through the summer. This week's episode looks at the machinery's beginnings and a few moments when it brought change to the business.

The industry's preoccupation with price is forcing brands to change tactics in marketing and on the menu, even if they refuse to discount.

The coffee shop chain is joining a growing number of fast-food restaurant chains pushing bundled deals to get customers to come in more often.

Consumers would need to be alerted to the add-ons ahead of time. The measure's proponents are asking that it be passed before most surcharges are outlawed starting July 1.

Restaurant Rewind: Few other chains have dared be as forthcoming about product quality as the pizza chain was. Now it's taking the opposite track. How's that likely to go?

Visits jumped by as much as 74% on days the promotion ran last month, according to data from

Marketing Bites: Restaurant operators big and small seem to be realizing that “rainbow washing” doesn’t mean much if it’s not backed up by donations.

The segment's old guard is striving to amp up its traditional strength of providing value, but with more relevant and higher-quality menu options.

The fast-food chain continues to push branded merch tie-ins to lure consumers.

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