National Restaurant Association


John C. Metz dies at age 83

Though much of his career was spent in the noncommercial sector, he proved an outstanding franchisee of TGI Fridays and Ruth's Chris.


These teens couldn't be more eager to work in restaurants

Reality Check: Indeed, they wouldn't mind owning one. They were already working hard toward that goal at the National ProStart Invitational competition.

The trade group says Su has a history of siding against the industry. It singles out her support of California's Fast Act as the prime example.

The National Restaurant Association issued its combination industry snapshot and near-term outlook this week. Here are five findings that jumped out.

As consumers prioritize social responsibility, restaurant operators can appeal to them by choosing their suppliers, media providers and more carefully and strategically.

Six have sent a letter to the National Restaurant Association asking for more details about how the group uses proceeds from the food-safety program to fund lobbying.

Jeff Lobdell, founder of Restaurant Partners Management, becomes vice chairman. Areas USA COO Richard Schneider was appointed treasurer.

Working Lunch: The recent New York Times story was a hit piece. There was so much more that should have been in it.

The National Restaurant Association has been sued for using the proceeds to fund its lobbying. The plaintiffs want the practice stopped and reimbursement of the $15 that any employee paid for the course.

Reality Check: A union-affiliated group is blasting ServSafe as an underhanded way of defeating pro-employee legislation. What exactly is the deception? And what about the program's benefits?

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