December 2016

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December 2016

What now? The new disruptors

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  • Trends for 2017
  • Supplying global stores
  • Franchising's new leader
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ramen granary

While the lunch menu at San Antonio’s Granary ‘Cue & Brew focuses on classic local dishes, chef-owner Tim Rattray is all about bringing international flavor.

foreign language signs

Language barriers pose roadblocks to that success. Here are some training and techniques to improve communication can create opportunity as well.

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A look at the forces poised to shake up the restaurant business for the next decade and beyond.

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overtime payroll timesheet

How operators are coping with compliance challenges.

millers ale house fries square

Within the appetizer mealpart, all product categories have dropped in year-over-year mentions except one: fries.

2017 square

Technomic's restaurant specialists invited the editors of Restaurant Business to participate this year in the researcher's annual brainstorm of what the market can expect in the 12 months ahead. Here are the forecasts from that first-ever collaboration.

Best Practices

Jose Andres’ ThinkFoodGroup makes sure to identify wine aficionados before they set foot in one of its Jaleo restaurants. If a guest’s social media activity or records from internal customer...

Is it right to make servers scrub bathrooms and toilets, sweep the dining room floor, clean windows and dust pictures on top of normal server duties for the $2.13 tipped minimum wage? I thought tips were for service, not to be cleaning crew. 

Your question raises two important issues that restaurants are struggling with:

  1. How much side work is too much?
  2. At what point should an employer not be
  3. ...


global supply chain

When opening outside of the U.S., navigating the supply chain can be among the biggest struggles. Here are some tips and unexpected challenges to anticipate.

The griddle is the workhorse behind a majority of breakfast offerings, but keeping the large, energy-sucking equipment efficient all day requires operational planning. “It’s driven by what your menu...


start food spread

As the demand for fresh, made-to-order menus expands to all types of limited-service concepts, operators are looking to separate themselves from the fray.

Managing social media can be overwhelming for some restaurant operators, but at Arby’s headquarters in Atlanta, the three-person social media team handles the task in-house—literally. Arby’s head of...

Menu Innovation

Sin will be in in 2017. Consumers seem to be exorcising the fat demons that have plagued the industry over the past several decades; and it’s not just olive oil and avocado being seen as acceptable...

Hard Rock Cafe built its first U.S. Vegetarian Awareness Month menu of eight new items—including a cauliflower burger—this October because “interest in meatless options has grown over time,” says...

Election season didn’t just usher in a new president-elect. Residents of five cities across the country—Chicago; Boulder, Colo.; and three Bay Area locales, including San Francisco—voted to approve...


As much as Aziz Hashim loves franchising—and it’s fair to say he’s swept away—the one-time electrical engineer has never warmed to the risk factor, starting with the lone KFC he opened in his 20s...


When we first started brainstorming ideas for the cover of this month’s issue, we didn’t plan on featuring the president-elect…And then the results came in.
The industry could use some cheer this holiday season. So let me climb aboard santa's lap and reel off what should be in your bag this year for restaurants.