Grilling fish for optimum flavor

Grilling fish for optimum flavor

At Anassa, we prepare fish in a very simple way which we feel brings out the greatest flavors by grilling it. We place the fish in metal clasps over the grill, but not directly laying on the grill. Instead, it's slightly bent so that the fish can cook evenly. After the fish has cooked through. we like to drizzle the surface with extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon, capers and oregano.

When you're dealing with only the freshest imported fish like Lavraki (which others call Loup de Mer or Branzino), there is no need to cover the fish with sauces as some do. Sometimes it's harder to achieve simplicity, but here at Anassa that is the philosophy we like to stand by: A clean approach where we can let the flavors of the fish shine through, not mask them.


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