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As the presidential candidates take their marks, it’s restaurant issues that are on the line.

The differences lie in how committed the markets are to fostering growth and keeping taxes in check.

The fried-chicken chain’s share price jumps more than 40 percent as the company looks to future growth.

Sales were weaker in developing markets.

After four years of declining visits, traffic stabilized in the fiscal year that ended in February.

Dare I say it? Chicago is a better food town than New York City for millennials.

Major chains delivered some surprises in their meetings this week with Wall Street representatives. Here’s a roundup.

Millennials aren’t afraid to talk to anyone in an organization; they’re driven to achieve; they embrace tech to ease processes.

Operators are scrambling to find ways to deal with the sudden or inevitable labor-cost increases.

A portion of the public is stuck on the falsehood that a server is only paid $2.13 an hour, plus the few bucks they might pocket in tips.