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The company says Hamish Dodds intends to seek other opportunities, but not for a while.
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Diversified Restaurant Holdings' former CFO moves up to CEO, succeeding founder Michael Ansley.

money change revenue
During a difficult time for many restaurant operators, a few are having sales success with new menu items. Here's a sampling of those killer lures.
pinks wieners hot dogs
Two iconic hot dog stands are catching some of the buzz over this year’s baseball playoffs by waging a snarky Twitter battle over whose city has the better team—and taste in dogs.
lemonade drinks
The growing fast casual has hired a former CEO of Universal Studios Hollywood.

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Technomic's restaurant specialists invited the editors of Restaurant Business to participate this year in the researcher's annual brainstorm of what the market can expect in the 12 months ahead. Here are the forecasts from that first-ever collaboration.

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Noise about the election drowned out revelations about restaurants' surprising roles.
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When it comes to restaurant managers, compensation can be tricky. Advice Guy discusses the ins and outs of bonuses and whether they’re an efficient compensation structure.  

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Sharing servers' tips with back-of-the-house staff led to a lawsuit and a Department of Labor agreement.
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Most of us don’t need to lick an electrical outlet to realize it’s dumb. But that class of assumptive learning often escapes people who work and eat in restaurants.
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Recent concept developments and menu and consumer data shifts show that Indian cuisine has potential to expand in the U.S.
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Pumpkin spice, a favorite flavor of latte fans, is now trending on cocktail lists.
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Domino's and Del Taco post numbers suggesting they've dodged the worst of it.