Agar Wins Boston Food Bank Contract

Agar was awarded the year-long bid for the $12 million fiscal year 2009 contract that supplies food to the Greater Boston Food Bank, the Worcester County Food Bank, the Merrimack Valley Food Bank, and The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

The Frost Acres Brands (F.A.B.) member was offered both the retail and the utility portion of the 2009 Core Food Contract. The retail portion will supply single-use items for patrons of food pantries and related organizations while the utility portion of the contract supplies bulk food items that are delivered to foodservice-related organizations such as soup kitchens and shelters that work closely with the four food banks.

Agar will supply food items such as beef, turkey and other meats as well as dairy including butter and cheeses. The company will also supply pastas, cereals, beans and vegetables as well as certain healthy items with a focus on goods produced in Massachusetts.


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