Ahold names new US Foodservice ceo

Zaandam, The Netherlands. - Royal Ahold, the Dutch retailer, appointed Lawrence Benjamin as the new chief executive officer of its beleaguered U.S. Foodservice unit, Columbus, MD, according to the Financial Times.

Benjamin, who joins the second largest distributor in the U.S. from NutraSweet where he has been ceo, will work with interim ceo Robert Tobin until Benjamin has outlined a strategy plan and examined "changes in other senior leadership positions at the company."

Ahold said an advisory board would be installed at U.S. Foodservice to oversee the required changes in controls and "to ensure the implementation of solid corporate governance principles throughout the company." It said two external members would be identified in due course to work with the advisory board at the American distributorship.

"Recently the focus of U.S. Foodservice has necessarily been on cleaning up the business. Larry's leadership and background complement our strategy for U.S. Foodservice. He will play a key role in rebuilding and maximizing the value of the company," commented Anders Moberg, Ahold's ceo.

Benjamin is a former Kraft Foods executive who has also recently worked for Specialty Foods Corp.


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