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The former Papa John’s CFO replaces the retiring Jerry Rebel.

Although economists are still assessing the implications of the proposal, certain provisions are clear wins for restaurants.

A federal judge in Texas has struck down an Obama administration rule that would have raised the salary threshold at which restaurants would have to pay overtime.

To get a read of the industry’s top labor concerns, we partnered with Technomic, Chicago data firm and RB’s sister company. Its Community Panel comprises more than 2,000 foodservice operators. Here’s the scuttlebutt from industry insiders.

The rules and regulations to keep an eye out for in your area.

A bill signed into law yesterday by the governor will penalize restaurants for making last-minute shift changes. It's widely seen as a model for other states.

Two years after San Francisco became the first of a growing list of jurisdictions to limit restaurant scheduling, the industry is contending with some unexpected side effects.

A report says the FDA has decided to push back the enforcement date beyond May 5.

The industry is trying to stop a proposal that would make the state the first in the nation to drop the BAC level to .05%.

Mayor Ed Murray is touting the dual benefits of combating obesity and raising funds for education.