subway knoxville fresh foward decor
The world's largest restaurant chain intends to freshen its image with a new design, operational changes and menu tweaks. Here's a preview.
spinning tops

This week's most arresting restaurant developments seemed to come in groups, raising the risk of neck injury for the keen observer. Here's a painless review of the head-spinning moments you may have missed.

royal suit hipster

Burger King riles a whole country, ICE savors the handiwork of the very people it’s apprehending, restaurants discover an unknown party is running their websites, and a dress code is slammed as racist.

head massage

Cheesecake Factory says it has a second fast-casual venture in the works, Dunkin' convenes a workforce Woodstock, Noodles clears the table and McDonald's touts its merits as a first job.

Honey Salt tuna dish

Here are stealable applications for the menu and more, inspired by casual dining.

maggianos brunch

Adding or expanding brunch can boost customer counts—but it doesn’t come without challenges.

books stack

Expand your industry knowledge with these bookshelf staples.

blindfold couple restaurant

The constant pressure to differentiate is pushing operations in some unusual directions. Here are a few examples.


Restaurant operators provide guidelines on how to prepare for the inevitable power outage, from preparing crash kits to petitioning for grid upgrades.