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Adding or expanding brunch can boost customer counts—but it doesn’t come without challenges.

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Expand your industry knowledge with these bookshelf staples.

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The constant pressure to differentiate is pushing operations in some unusual directions. Here are a few examples.


Restaurant operators provide guidelines on how to prepare for the inevitable power outage, from preparing crash kits to petitioning for grid upgrades.

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The event is now being described as more of a prank than an attack.
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How easy is it to run afoul of wage and hour laws--and get caught? Ask someone in Austin, Texas.

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Some restaurant operators feel that the scheduling legislation unfolding in Seattle, New York and Oregon could change what draws employers and employees to the industry, threatening its vitality.
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The frictionless-service model was selected as Restaurant Business' 2016 Tech Accelerator of the Year.
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Speculation about the next big thing was rampant among 900 attendees of FSTEC, the industry's annual re-up on technology trends.