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The chain, however, reports little success with its delivery experiments.

The folks in green aprons are changing roles in what the company calls Deployment 2.0, and that's just one of the developments that turned heads in the restaurant industry this week.

Foam can be a sign that it's time to replace your oil, Advice Guy says.

These days can’t be great if you’re a franchisee—not in the restaurant business, at least. Same-store sales and traffic have been weak for two years.

The overall restaurant catering market reached more than $58 billion in 2017, from a strong $37 billion in 2011.

The dash for off-premise business is taking a detour around third-party delivery. Meanwhile, Amy Poehler isn't making restaurateurs laugh, R&D kitchens are cooking up some unusual new products, and the drug epidemic is prompting some controversial changes in operations.

Hot holding can often dry out already dry foods such as chicken, Advice Guy says. Here's how to counteract that.

Restaurants are among the 15 groups that want banks to have some responsibilities, too.

The Trump administration takes on tip pooling, insurance costs and overtime.

For all the hype behind delivered food, not everybody is convinced it’s inevitable.