Technomic: Sales rose 2.6% in August

But the sales came from higher prices as the industry continues to face traffic challenges.


The 10 best cities to sell coffee

Spoiler alert: Seattle isn’t No. 1.

Heavy hiring by retailers is a good sign, but it could also stress an already tight labor pool, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

But comparisons were easy and traffic remains down despite an improving economy.

Restaurant chains improved sales and traffic, led by quick-service and fast-casual concepts.

July sales spiked 9.7%, but large brands are still seeing traffic problems, thanks perhaps to “chain fatigue.”

Weak sales and traffic for the second July in a row could spell bad news for the industry, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Despite easy comparisons, the restaurant industry continued to lose customers.

The data firms will combine forces to provide more granular data on who is visiting restaurants and when.

Despite a booming economy, restaurants are still struggling with traffic, and here’s why, says RB’s The Bottom Line.