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Asian fast-casual chain becomes first concept to license automat-style tech platform.

What kind of response should restaurant execs have to a data breach, and how has that changed?

Given the mystifying developments that arose, you’d have thought restaurants were holding their own Agatha Christie Week.

A new search feature will also recommend better times to drop in.

The app allows users to earn points as well as find their nearest location and order and pay for pickup online.

Our usual roundup of head-spinning moments is pre-empted this week by an early look at head-raising news from the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference.

Along with earning rewards, users can put their names on the waitlist at their local Red Lobster location.

Here’s how metrics are helping employees take hospitality to the next level.

The updates include changes in the chain's catering program, new digital enhancements, and a contribution from a Starbucks veteran who's been brought onboard.

A new guide from the National Restaurant Association suggests inexpensive and practical ways a small operation can protect itself.