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Fewer robots will be involved, and the tech is available to other concepts, as the cook-onboard delivery concept is shifting into expansion mode.

Answers to plenty of pressing restaurant problems were served up during the Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix.

Grubhub CEO: Consumers are replacing frozen foods with restaurant meals at home.

The chain is also testing a fast-casual option within its restaurants.

The chain reportedly sat on information about the web vulnerability, which sources outside the brand say could have exposed the records of millions of customers.

The initiative teaches franchisees how to use their POS and back-office systems as more effective cost-cutting tools.

The app-based system will enable customers of the drive-in brand to place a customized order for delivery to their car window at a particular time.

With chip-enabled card adoption, fraud has fallen.

Digital engagement is driving sales for some.

The move aims to boost sluggish p.m. sales by promoting select items.