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With minimum wage hikes increasing the pain of full-service places grappling with an in-house pay gap, operators are increasingly giving surcharges a try.

Class action alleges no-tipping policies are "conspiracy" to raise menu prices.

How are restaurants trying to sway consumers who are shorter on time than they are on dollars? Recent days provided head-turning examples and insights. Spoiler alert: Not all approaches are worth copying.

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Wondering what peers are doing about fidget spinners, tipping and customer anxiety? Here are some of the more arresting approaches.

The agreement extends to practices that were in place before the group adopted all-inclusive pricing.

A new venture of the National Restaurant Association plans to promote the industry's interests via the legal system, starting with the Supreme Court.

A look at the burger wars, no-tipping tests and sales slumps 2016 ushered in.

The brands, issues and developments that grabbed the restaurant industry’s attention during the last 12 months.