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A proposal to allow tip sharing between front- and back-of-house employees has touched off a firestorm. Here is what the two sides are saying about the plan, which is awaiting action from the Department of Labor.

Public comments on a proposal to allow tips to be shared with back-of-house staff have been plentiful and negative. There are also allegations the Department of Labor hid a damning projection of the rule change's impact on servers' income.

Fees aimed at fixing disparities between the front and back of house meet mixed results.

A procedure change suggests the measure is meeting considerable public resistance.

The Trump administration has proposed the practice be allowed again as a way of equalizing front- and back-of-house pay, a reversal of the 2011 prohibition.

With minimum wage hikes increasing the pain of full-service places grappling with an in-house pay gap, operators are increasingly giving surcharges a try.

Class action alleges no-tipping policies are "conspiracy" to raise menu prices.

How are restaurants trying to sway consumers who are shorter on time than they are on dollars? Recent days provided head-turning examples and insights. Spoiler alert: Not all approaches are worth copying.

Restaurants that dropped tipping are switching back to gratuities as customers show they're not ready for an alternative that radical—with one major exception.

The most celebrated success with a no-tipping model says the transition wasn't as easy as it expected.