Bird Flu in Ukraine was Deadly H5N1 Strain

A spokesman for the Ministry said the village was quarantined and all infected domestic birds were culled and destroyed prior to the weekend and no human infections have been uncovered.

While experts are still analyzing the source of the infection of domestic poultry in the village of Pisky, Buryn region, Sumy oblast, which borders Russia, the Ministry said migrating wild birds were more than likely the cause of the contagion. The Seim river, which flows through the region, is a regular nesting ground for migratory birds.

The Ministry also confirmed the likelihood that bird flu could be carried by the wild birds along three common migrating paths to western Ukrainian provinces as well as neighboring countries. The risk is further accentuated by the abundance of rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and other wetlands along the way that are natural nesting grounds for wild fowl, the ministry said.

A variety of government, civilian and medial agencies are monitoring the migration of the birds in order to avoid the possibility that bird flu could spread beyond the borders of Ukraine, the spokesman said.

While financial losses are still being tabulated, the local population has been compensated for its losses from the government's reserve fund.


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