Sysco's updated fleet showcases commitment to food and service

sysco fleet

The iconic Sysco delivery truck, a familiar sight rolling down the highway or parked outside the neighborhood eatery, is getting an updated look. Messaging on the updated truck wraps will highlight Sysco’s integral multi-dimensional role “at the heart of food and service.”

That heart reflects Sysco’s comprehensive commitment to its foodservice partners, in multiple forms, including:

Fresh food, fresh ideas: The company’s innovative Cutting Edge Solutions development process supports a supplier pipeline of new items designed to target emerging tastes for local and trending flavors. In addition, Sysco supports operators with fresh ideas through business reviews, eCommerce solutions and marketing services.

Solutions to help operators scale: From menu engineering to technology, profitability management and cost analysis, broad-based sourcing and a team of more 200+ in-house chefs, Sysco connects its customers with the latest best practices and marketing, culinary and operations expertise.

Passion to help others: Sysco is committed to the well-being of the communities it serves by providing healthy and nutritious food to children, family and seniors in underserved areas. The company’s goal is to direct 75% of community donations and volunteer efforts toward hunger relief initiatives.

The drive to be the best: Delivering quality, safety and accuracy are paramount to Sysco’s reputation as a leader in the foodservice industry. Sysco team members support the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s ServSafe program, follow those practices and share safe food-handling strategies with operators.

The trucks represent more than just delivery vehicles. They embody Sysco’s passion for bringing fresh, high-quality ingredients from the field, farm, ocean and stream to the table with expertise, commitment, diligence and excellence.

“Our updated truck wraps reinforce our passion and dedication to our customers, communities and associates,” said Bill Goetz, Sysco’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “Sysco delivers fresh foods, ideas and solutions with heart, and our new trucks will showcase that along with a variety of fresh products.”

The new look will be introduced in the U.S. and Canada throughout 2017.

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