Burger King said to be considering Indian burger rollout

Vegetarians at Burger Kings in the United States and many other markets currently have one main meal option: a Morning Star Veggie Burger. But herbivores might have more options soon, as Burger King considers rolling out its Indian vegetarian menu options in other markets.

Since India’s population leans vegetarian, the fast food joint offers six vegetarian sandwiches in the country, according to Quartz. Options on the Burger King India menu include: a Veg Chilli Cheese Melt, vegetarian Whopper, Crispy Veg, Spicy Bean Royale, Paneer King Melt, and BK Veggie. There are also vegetarian sides like Veggie Strips, which look like mozzarella sticks stuffed with vegetables instead of cheese, and spicy onion rings called Fiery Rings.

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